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Welcome to the second weekly Gintama article! I'm MohsinMan99 (sounds a bit funny, doesn't it?) and I'll be most likely doing the weekly Gintama articles from now on. The first weekly report, covering Episodes 228 & 229 was brought to you by fellow teammate, Takashichea, who finally convinced me to get up and do something for the wiki and especially Gintama, a series of which I recently became a fan of and for which I've always wanted to contribute to. Thank you, Taka.

Since this is my first report, expect to find some faults here but I shall try my hardest to keep errors out of this. If anybody is willing to help me with these reports or something related to the Gintama pages, feel free to drop by a PM.

This report covers episode 230 : It would take too much effort to make this title sound like a text message subject.


I bet you never got your phone as I did!
I bet you never got your phone as I did!

Kagura's friends all own a cellphone and they message each other daily. Kagura starts feeling left out and decides to ask Gintoki to buy her one. However, Gintoki refuses saying they can't afford one. In an eccentric twist, Sadaharu does an act of nature in which Shinpachi finds three cellphones, which, he assumes Sadaharu swallowed due to his habit of eating anything smaller than him. The phones don't work at first so Gintoki gets it repaired by Gengai who only fixes the messaging function of the phone and gives one phone to each of them. After getting a phone, Kagura suddenly begins acting weird, avoiding them and only conversing with them through texting and going so far as to sending them pointless updates every five minutes. On being confronted, Kagura runs away from home making Gintoki and Shinpachi to start searching for her. Morever, they get a message from the man who owns their phones that he is looking for them and will kill them for taking his cellphones.

This guy is looking for his phones and he is not HAPPY!
This guy is looking for his phones and he is not HAPPY!

Will Gintoki and Shinpachi find Kagura before the man finds her or will they themselves become a target of the man?


NOTE: Possible spoilers

  • Kagura's reactions are definitely the high points in this episode. Her tantrums when being refused to own a cellphone, becoming overjoyed after getting a phone, texting while hiding and her cutesy smiles exhibit a certain kind of childlike innocence.
  • As you might know if you've seen some of Shinpachi's reactions before, they never fail to bring a smile to your face. Especially the part where he gets a message from Kagura while in the toilet.

  • Gintoki (on the topic of phones that were covered in poop): I don't want to carry around a phone that was covered in poop.Kagura: Humans are always carrying around poop. Only difference is that it will be in your hand instead of your body.
  • Catherine's suggestion to Gintoki (saying what it is would ruin it). And also, her comment on Shinpachi's wallpaper.
  • Katsura's marketing gimmick was hilarious.

The various ways in which you can misuse your cellphones


  • Death Cancer had a nice entry and had potential to be a really interesting character but sadly didn't live upto my expectations.

  • His backstory also seemed kinda forced and not really something natural.

Cancer and his past

  • Kagura (as to why she should own a cellphone) : "These days, even babies are born with cell phones dangling from their umblical cords!"
  • Shinpachi listening to Otsuu's songs while having a bad day in the toilet. And Kagura's comments on it.
  • The sneak peek at Catherine's school life.
Gintoki reading Naruto
Gintoki reading Naruto
  • The manga which Gintoki is reading in Shonen Jump is Naruto Shippuden.

  • The cover of the Shonen Jump magazine has Dragon Quest and Umibouzo (Kagura's father) images on them.
  • Kagura says Gintoki can provide her with a cellphone as he only needs to check his four-dimensional pouch for that.(Doraemon)
  • Kagura asking Sadaharu to drag Gintoki into his four-dimensional pocket. (Doraemon)


Thank you for reading this. It's my first time writing a report here and formatting this was a real pain as well so go easy on me. It seems HTML code isn't accepted for blogs so after posting this, some things looked out of order but I'm working on it. I'll take it easy on the "Thanks" section for now and fill it with the usual stuff. Taka influenced me to write this so here it is. I may not do one for the next week depending on how things go but I'll try my hardest!

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