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I guess this is one topic most members would like to stay away from except those few who have a love for philosophy.  So, don't post unless you are willing to discuss.


Before we go over this, let's take a look at the exact definition of Omniscience, shall we? It would help avoid some pointless arguments. Oh yes, this is mostly for use in battle-forums and yes, I have gone over this on some other forums with positive results.
"Omniscience" (source)
Omniscience is the capacity to know everything infinitely, or at least everything that can be known about a character including thoughts, feelings, life and the universe, etc. In Latin, omnis means "all" and sciens means "knowing". Hence,  Omniscience is the capacity to know everything.

There is a distinction between:

    inherent omniscience - the ability to know anything that one chooses to know and can be known.
    total omniscience - actually knowing everything that can be known.

In simple words, inherent version argues that Omniscience is bound by limitations that knowledge/wisdom is only possible for the things that are logically possible whereas the Total version argues that Omniscience means having knowledge of everything logically possible or not (i.e. impossible).

For the purpose of this blog post, I'm going to call "Inherent omniscience" as nigh-omniscience and "total omniscience" as True-Omniscience.
Why you may ask?  

    Omnipotent= All powerful/Infinite Power (this is the actual definition and other synonymous definitions like "able to do everything" are implications of this)
    Omniscience= All Knowing/ Infinite Knowledge, wisdom, experience 

Logically, a true omnipotent would be able to do anything since he has the "power". In a similar vein, a true omniscient should also be able to do everything since he has the "knowledge".  That is, True Omniscient=True Omnipotent and vice versa.
Now this is where it gets funny.
Omnipotents in battle-forums are classified as nigh-omnipotent and True Omnipotent, similar to how I just divided Omniscience above with nigh-omnipotence being very powerful but ultimately lacking the power to do "everything" whereas true omnipotent characters can do "everything they damn well please even the logically impossible".  
However, this same restriction/set of rules aren't implied to Omniscients. The argument is usually "even though you may have the knowledge, you may not have the power to do it and *cut*". Sounds okay?
Unfortunately, no.
If the character really knew everything, he'd know the guy before he even fights him. He'd know how to counter each of his moves, his speed and basically everything. Also, if you knew everything, you'd also know how to make your reactions/thoughts instantaneous, how to manipulate time and thousands of other ways that may look impossible to pull off but since you have the know how, you can pull it off. You'd also know how to stop the next guy cold in his tracks, know how to mindrape him even when he's perfectly immune to it, know how to turn his own attacks against him and so on. And even if you don't have power, you'd also know how to summon the exact amount of power you require from somewhere before your opponent even has a chance to make his move and so on...
The key word here is 'knowing everything' and by everything, I mean Everything-whether logical or not, comprehensible or not. Same how we define True Omnipotence here.

To quote a nice poster EnigmaJ: 

To give a simple example, a true omniscience should know what value to use for "x" to make this algebraic equation true: 5x = 6x. Even though this is impossible, one could make the argument that "if the character doesn't know what value to use for x to make the equation true, then the character doesn't truly know everything, and is therefore not omniscience".

My point here is: Why not categorize Omniscience as we have done for Omnipotence? If Omnipotence can be classified as True/Nigh/Fake, why not the same for Omniscience?  After all, they are two sides of the same coin in philosophy. True Omnipotence=True Omniscience.

In this regard, I ask you to answer a poll about this giving your honest opinion on this. I want AV's genuine opinion on this and not OBD opinion( as I've already scouted that place with generally favorable replies). Please answer the poll here:

This can be useful in the battle-forums as Omniscience is heavlily underestimated.
I guess I could have delved deeper but I guess this should suffice. If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to comment!
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