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Welcome to the fourth Gintama(actually-it's the fifth!) report. It's been a long break since the last report but I was a bit busy with exams and this arc was 5 episodes long so this required lots of time. Further delayed because I lost the will to do this due to editing mistakes twice (but let's forget that for now).

I'm grateful to my team, especially AnnaBanana and Taka for still supporting me and helping me with the Gintama wiki. They worked on the wiki images when I was not able to due to lack of time. Thank you team!

This report covers Episodes 232-236 of the Gintama Anime, namely the Renho Invasion Arc. Now without any futher ado, let's start!

Plot (Episodes 232-236)

Elizabeth has ran away from home and Katsura takes the aid of the Yoruzuya to search for him. Katsura doesn't remember the circumstances but try to recollects it by looking for clues on Elizabeths signs. During one of his flashbacks, recollects everything. A mysterious woman however appears and tells that that Katsura was fooled all along-Elizabeth was the commander of a race of aliens, the Renho who were out to invade earth. Elizabeth was just deceiving Katsura and the others all along.

She introduces herself as Fumiko and tells them that the main reason Elizabeth ran away was to go back to Renho Leader & Supreme Commander, Dark Vader and prepare for the invasion of the earth. She tells them they don't stop the Renho now, the earth and it's people will be doomed forever. The Yoruzuya trio and Katsura are the only things standing between earth and it's imminent destruction.

Will Gintoki and the others manage to stop the invasion of the earth from the dreaded Dark Vader? Will Katsura have to face his dear friend Elizabeth and fight him? Will we be treated to some mecha action?

So what are you waiting for, go and watch the Renho Invasion Arc of Gintama!


Renho Invasion Arc
Renho Invasion Arc




  • While searching for clues, the team happens accross a room where all the signs Elizabeth used are stored. We are treated to some funny and not-so-funny flashbacks.
  • Sakamoto and Mutsu are back. It's after a long while too.


  • Gin and the others dressing as Elizabeth and the ensuing commotion. Hilarious!
  • Katsura's scream when he sees Elizabeth again. "ELIZAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHH!!!". It echoed through the whole planet!
  • The people turning into Elizabeth sequence was also pretty funny. Sakamoto striking a deal with Vader even more.
  • Vaderzabeth showing off his sword skills. Cool.
  • The Shinpachi being only a pimple joke.
  • And of course, Shinpachi's reaction to above joke.


  • The part of Elizabeth being unable to recognize his own girlfriend when she changed her ribbon to another color. I get the strange feeling nobody could either.
  • Soo many references to other anime and popular characters in this show by the Elizabeths that I found to be pretty funny, especially Narutozabeth.
  • Leezabeth asks whether or not they can bring their PSP's into the battlefield and Katsura's reply to him. Also, the 3M part.
  • Sakamoto: A planet is just a rock. It takes people to build a world.
  • First time (after a long time) we hear Elizabeth speak.


  • Elizabeth and Katsura moments. Couldn't help laughing at them.
  • Flashy Mecha action. Depending on your tastes, you will enjoy or hate it.


  • Hilarious method of dodging attacks. One of the high points of this episode.
  • After defeating the boss, Eren leaves but not before modifying everyone's memories of the events. Hilarious moments ensue.

This episode marks the last appearance of Elizabeth and...the ending will make you laugh so hard you can almost share the same feeling as Gin and Shin aare feeling in this image:




  • So many references to Japanese politicians and poking fun at them. Gintama got into trouble for this.
  • Fumiko and the pointless "fan-service" (if you can call it that). Was really unnecessary IMO.


  • More unnecessary Fumiko "fan-service". Just no good. And this was dragged out quite a bit.
  • Sakamoto puking out each and every time because he gets airsick...overused joke IMO.


  • Starting from this episode, it's MECHA... MECHA...MECHA!!! Of course, it's only limited to this arc so bear with it if you hate lots of Mecha action (like me).


  • Mecha action unlimited.
  • The main weapon of the combined "MegaZord" is a blast from it's crotch. Didn't find that funny though.


  • Episode was nice and had a good buildup. No bad points.



  • This episode got into some trouble because of parodying the Japanese Government and a minister Renho. I heard they were contesting in elections that time and in this episode, they show Renho throwing food at an old lady.


  • Apparently, everyone on Elizabeth's planet has game cartridges for food. The more popular the game, the more expensive and rare the food. "Food" such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc. is only served to the elites and any commoner found eating them is executed. LOL.
  • Episode comments from the director: Speaking of mecha, will this anime be able to survive? When we first started Gintama, we figured there wouldn't be any mecha.


  • Zura: Earthlings treasure their three M's above all. Their money, their mothers and their manhood.
    We start by hitting them in their manhood and immobilizing them. Then we take their mothers hostage and seize their money!
  • On seeing the Gunsams, Shinpachi comments that they are going to be sued. Fumiko says no as they are same company so they can get away with it.
    Fumiko: The earth won't last long against such an onsalught.
    Shinpachi: Uh, we won't last long against a copyright infringement lawsuit.
    Fumiko: Both were animated by Sunrise so a lawsuit would go nowhere.They planned ahead. *winks*


  • The Renho planet was a huge mecha all along. It was originally known as Sagi and the D Vaders were just pawns.


  • Final episode of this arc. They skipped the opening and started with the ending as the opening. Weird. Oh well, at least saves some time.
  • The mecha''s main weapon is a blast from it's crotch. Which does nothing against the planet.
  • Sagi: You thought you could use your limited knowledge from dirty magazines and porn to defeat me?



  • Katsura refers back to episode 230 of Gintama while trying to remember Elizabeth. (4th-wall break No:1)
  • Reference to some Lionel Ritchie commercial (I guess this was Japan only?)
  • Reference to famous singer Tokiko-kato as "Tokiko-gato."
  • In one of the flashbacks, we see Elizabeth watching the Gintama movie and also reading Shonen Jump. (4th-wall break No:2)
  • Star Wars template for the intro. Cool!


  • Sakamoto talks about hurrying up because "Jin" is being released on DVD. Jin is a popular Japanese drama about a brain-surgeon who accidently travels to the past in Edo period Japan and must find a way to get back. Funny thing is, Gintama is Edo period Japan mixed with a modern setting with an alien invasion excuse. (4th-wall break No:3)
  • Each one of the Elizabeth parodies certain well-known characters.
  • The game cartridges are all popular games from the NES/SNES era. Including but not limited to Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, etc.
  • The 2 commanders of the Renho army are called as "Double Dragons". No points for guessing what that refers to.
  • The "Gunsams" are actually the very famous RX-78 type Gundams. The Earth federation is now the Renho federation.


  • Shinpachi says that stopping the Renho is even harder than finding Waldo. Waldo, is a popular character from the "Where's Wally?" series. Wally is known as Waldo in NA/JP region. The main media, a series of picture books in which the reader has to find Waldo in double-page spread illustrations depicting dozens of people doing something. Needless to say, that locating isn't easy at all.
  • Reference to Bright Noa, a popular character from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Fusion of the mecha and the spaceships into an even larger Mecha, Kaien. Seems to be a reference to the Gundam series.


  • In typical Super Sentai/Power Rangers fashion, all the ships combine together into a very huge and powerful Mecha!With it's own theme song and With 5 pilots at rather...interesting locations. Shinpachi gets the...pimple.
  • Clause 2 of Sakamoto: When Renho are visiting earth, let them play SNES games along with NES.
  • (ActRaiser game in hand) On the earth, you can eat all the ActRaiser games you want!
  • Shinpachi: Seriously, what's wrong with this planet? They beytrayed their leader for an ActRaiser! (ActRaiser is popular SNES game in Japan).
  • Kaien is the name of the huge mecha. Reference to Remus Kaien of Gundam.


  • The hospital scene is probably a reference to BlackJack series but I'm not sure.


My personal opinion on the various episodes (on a scale of 1 to 5):

  • Episode 232: 2.5/5
  • Episode 233: 3/5
  • Episode 234: 2/5
  • Episode 235: 3.5/5
  • Episode 236: 5/5 (you get trolled at the end...isn't that nice?)


Thank you for taking your time to read this report. I hope you found it interesting and a bit knowledgeable (because Crunchyroll never explains any of the references) and you go and watch the episodes after reading it. I know I was a bit late with this report and there are more episodes waiting to be reported so you'll be seeing some more reports this week from me. Hopefully. :)

I'd also like to thank my team, W.I.K.I. Nation for bearing with my late reports :) and working on the Gintama pages while I was away. I'll try not to be slow next time.

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