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The Saiyan Race
Knnown Saiyans of Dragonball Z: 

1. Goku

Main character of Dragonball Z.

2. Vegeta

Saiyan prince; rival of Goku.

3. Tarble

Vegeta's little brother.

4. Broly

Broly is The Legendary Super Saiyan born on planet Vegeta.

5. Raditz

Goku's Older Brother

6. Nappa

Saiyan Warrior.

7. Bardock

Goku's father.

8. Gohan

Goku's Son; half-Saiyan/half-Human.

9. Goten

Goku's Son; half-Saiyan/half-Human.

10. Trunks

Vegeta's Son; half-Saiyan/half-Human.

11. King Vegeta

King of planet Vegeta, until he was killed by Freeza

12. Paragus

Father of Broly.

13. Panbukin

Overweight Saiyan; Ally of Bardock.

14. Gogeta

Formed when Vegeta and Goku perform the Fusion Dance.

15. Original Super Saiyan

First Super-Saiyan; Destroyed original homeworld.

16. Fasha

Female Saiyan Warrior; Ally of Bardock.

17. Toma

Saiyan warrior; Ally of Bardock.

18. Turles

A powerful Saiyan who survived planet Vegeta's destruction.

19. Vegito

Fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

20. Future Gohan

Gohan from an alternate future.

21. Future Trunks

Trunks from an alternate future.

22. Onio

Original concept for a Saiyan.

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