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I don't know how many different languages I've programmed that in lol

For this year's AR 2013, I decided I'd do something simpler. So when my cousin asked me if I would group cosplay with him, as Homura, I agreed. (He's doing a male adaptation of Mami, and it looks ridiculously good.) I watched the anime before he asked (lol he suggested it to me), and I'm currently going through the light novels. Just a word of warning, it's kinda whacked out, so if you don't do well with that kind of stuff...skip it.

I'm planning on making everything more or less from scratch. I'm starting out with more or less no sewing experience, some model building experience, and almost 0 drawing/designing experience. :D Wish me lots of luck lol I'mma need it.

Other than me, there are 5 others in our group: a female Madoka, a male Sayaka, a male Kyoko, and a human adaptation of Kyubey.

For my costume: a jacket, a blouse, a box-pleated skirt (4:1), tights with detailing, and slightly pointed heels.

For props: AT4, RGP-7, pipe bombs, (all fake and non-operational of course), maybe mod a PB gun for rifle?, shield and soul gem, and

"Sealdoka": What's a Sealdoka? lol

For more images of what i'm planning, check out my pinterest board for it! (As well as the other characters)

If you're doing Madoka Magica as your cosplay this year, lots of luck, and feel free to use the resources (anything {Cosplay}) I've compiled already :)

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