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Zirconis (ジルコニス Jirukonisu), also known as The Jade Dragon, was one of the many Dragons that was killed by Acnologia.




Zirconis is a giant dragon with jagged scales. His ears taper off to one side and feature darkened ends. He also has two, long strands of hair on his chin.


Zirconis often acts relaxed and carefree, and, despite thinking of humans as nothing for than a meal for the Dragons, he seems to have no problem conversing with them, finding it quite humorous to scare them. Zirconis has a habit of comedically repeating himself and frequently changing his mind. He also dislikes it when people point out his personality flaws.


Over 400 years ago, Zirconis was one of the Dragons who was opposed to the notion of Dragon-Human integration, as he believed that they were nothing but a food source. Later on, during the course of the war, Zirconis would become one of the many Dragons that were killed by Acnologia, the Dragon King.

1. Fairy Tail
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