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From the moment this series started streaming on Crunchyroll, I knew that I'd love it through thick and thin. Sure, there were some generally bad fillers in the middle portion, but the setting, characters and premise really got to me. The Letter Bees hold what's probably one of the most dangerous jobs in Amberground and it's really heartwarming for them to get through it all thick and thin. I also didn't care that Lag was a crybaby -- I considered it normal for a kid his age in his position. Instead, I think I was more liable for wanting to hug him. Studio Pierrot finally proves that they don't always make series that never end these days, and I'm pretty sure the second season will have a set number of episodes too. Will I watch it? Hell yeah~ 
I also loved all of the Opening and Ending songs~ Especially HIMEKA's "Hatenaki Michi". Overall, I like the first OP/ED set more than the second, but both are still very good.
As for the final cliffhanger? Well, I was waiting for this part ever since picking up the manga~ [don't worry, I still buy the English releases :D] 
[[First time using this blog~ I hope I can remember to use it more ^-^;;]]
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