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Quests » Ducks in a Row helping

I'm pretty bad at commenting, but I'll definitely try to remain social with everyone. ^-^
/follows everyone here already
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Just Manga » what manga has your favorite art

For an older series, I'd prefer Rurouni Kenshin's style (more specifically, late Kyoto arc)
For a more recent series, I'd definitely say Hiroyuki Asada's work on Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee.
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General Discussion » The Questions Thread

 - Why do video-game based anime [ie Tales of the Abyss, Valkyria Chronicles, etc...] tend to be judged as lesser quality than original anime and manga-based anime? Surely they can't be of much lesser quality, so what's keeping them from being popularly accepted?
- In your opinion, is moe really taking over the industry? In other words: are studios too focused on making more otaku-oriented series than honestly trying to come up with series that may become good enough to appeal to a wider base.
- What's your favorite animation studio? Why?
- Opinions on the long, never-ending and alternate universe-filled Gundam franchise? Any favorite series in the franchise?
- Do you feel any concern for the dwindling amount of anime-original series recently?
- Any suggestions for light novel series?
- Can you comment on your thoughts about the conditions/almost non-existent pay of animators?
- Do you forsee any of the "Big 3" -- Naruto, Bleach and One Piece ending in the near future? Or are they "too big to end"?
- Any comments on the eroge/eromanga self-censoring more in order to keep government officials/concerned parents at bay?
- Should more 3-D anime series/movies be made? [Ie.:  .hack//G.U. Trilogy and Appleseed/Applessed Ex Machina] 
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Just Anime » What show got you into or back into anime.

Rurouni Kenshin got me into anime, but G Gundam and Yu Yu Hakusho among other shows aired during Toonami was alive kept me in. I haven't "left" anime since starting. XD;;
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