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While I'm sure some people are rejoicing, it's a pretty sad thing to hear of the layoffs over at Viz. Not only are up to 55 people now in search of a job at a time when getting one means competing against more and more people, but it also means that the one big company that we all expected to be here forever isn't doing as hot as we thought.
Thinking about the company itself...it hasn't been too over-adventurous in its licenses, even though some might be ill-advised. Then there's the problem of them heavily relying on their Shounen Jump/(former) Shoujo Beat material, which, while enjoyable isn't exactly the creme of the crop. Still, in terms of being savvy about consumer interests, they're a tad behind Yen Press (who, as someone at ANN said, knew what they were doing when they nabbed Black Butler) but far ahead of the poor companies who ended up defaulting when the anime boom fell through too. Then there's the added bonus of Viz holding some of the biggest series in the business right now, like Monster, Bleach, Naruto, FMA, etc... At least with Viz, I still have faith that they'll weather through this all.
Perhaps this is just a move to go back to focusing on series that have a better chance of succeeding in our current market?...Our current market being more and more people having less and less expendable money, of course.
At the very least, I'm still going to collect Letter Bee, Natsume Yuujinchou and a few select volumes of FMA from them.
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Is too addicting and I probably should stop now before 5 hours pass >_>;;
Though the closet romantic one took me forever since most series in that genre all kinda meld together in my head -- I even watched two of them and I couldn't recall them at all till I started going through my MAL list.
On a different note, school strikes in recent days made my 20+ episode backlog dwindle down to about 5.
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I got to watching Tales of Symphonia Tethe'alla Arc OVA episode 1. It was uneventful outside of the events that were obviously going to happen...This is pretty much just setup/buildup for the events later on. As for the OP -- Tenkuu no Canaria: it's a Nana Mizuki song, so I obviously love it. Its lyrics are also very nice -- a tad bittersweet, but it definitely lets optimism shine through despite it all in the end, much like the story of the game/OVA. On the other hand, the ED -- Inori no Kanata by Akiko Shikata, the animation really doesn't fit the song. The way the episode finishes off with dramatic shots of a whole bunch of people fits the beginning of the song, but then it shifts to the claymation style ufotable is known for and it just looks kinda awkward. I usually associate Akiko Shikata's music with the mysterious, but the cuteness of the clay dolls really throws me off.

 Other than that, I only have a few screenshots and some dumb captions to go with them:

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From the moment this series started streaming on Crunchyroll, I knew that I'd love it through thick and thin. Sure, there were some generally bad fillers in the middle portion, but the setting, characters and premise really got to me. The Letter Bees hold what's probably one of the most dangerous jobs in Amberground and it's really heartwarming for them to get through it all thick and thin. I also didn't care that Lag was a crybaby -- I considered it normal for a kid his age in his position. Instead, I think I was more liable for wanting to hug him. Studio Pierrot finally proves that they don't always make series that never end these days, and I'm pretty sure the second season will have a set number of episodes too. Will I watch it? Hell yeah~ 
I also loved all of the Opening and Ending songs~ Especially HIMEKA's "Hatenaki Michi". Overall, I like the first OP/ED set more than the second, but both are still very good.
As for the final cliffhanger? Well, I was waiting for this part ever since picking up the manga~ [don't worry, I still buy the English releases :D] 
[[First time using this blog~ I hope I can remember to use it more ^-^;;]]
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