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I've found out from a few sites and forums that Dirty Pair Flash and Burn Up Excess were shown on Sci-Fi UK, around 2003.
So I probably did see it on Sci-Fi UK, and not before that time on another channel like Channel 4. 
Someone on the Sci-Fi UK forums tried to compose a list too, and it has among other things: Bounty Dog and Dirty Pair Flash... 
Spriggan - I can't remember too well,  but it involved lots of violent combat and something wierd to do with Noah's Ark.
Bounty Dog - I can't really remember well either... It was set on the Moon, with spies from Earth trying to learn details of some deadly secret project involving the dark side of the Moon. I don't think it was very good though. 
Dragon Half  - Hilariously funny two episode OVA, which was shown back-to-back. It was about a half-dragon half-human girl named Mink, who falls in love with a dragonslayer named Dick Saucer, and leads up to some crazy tournament she has to win. 
Maybe this one was actually on CNX instead still though.
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Just Anime » Sci-Fi UK

Hey. I'm glad I found other people that are interested in this. I have very fond memories from when Sci-Fi UK ran their anime segment late nights on Thursdays. I remember watching every week for Blue Gender, Martian Successor Nadesico, Neon Genesis Evangelion. (can't remember if that was the order it ran in every night?) 
I can't remember exactly what was on Sci-Fi and what was on the sadly short-lived CNX channel.
I used to keep a list of most the stuff I watched on Sci-Fi but I can't find it anymore. :(         

Roujin Z - that was a pretty good anime movie, definitely on Sci-Fi.
Magic Knight Rayearth - pretty sure this was on Sci-Fi not CNX. I always thought it was a movie, but it may have been the 3 OVAs played back-to-back. 
Spriggan - not so sure whether this was Sci-Fi, not CNX. 
Dragon Half - not sure whether this was Sci-Fi or CNX either.
What's more confusing is that I remember watching anime on TV previous to this, but I'm sure I didn't have Sky at the time... did Channel 4 run anime for a short time in the evenings? 
The anime I remember watching were: Dirty Pair Flash and Burn Up (Burn Up Excess, i think) 
Edit: I just found a useful webpage that mentions Roujin-Z, Rayearth and Spriggan as having been aired on Sci-Fi UK 
Gunbuster - Aim for the Top!  - this movie was near definitely on Sci-Fi. Was one of my favourite movies on there. 
Bounty Dog - only have vague memories of this film, but pretty sure that was Sci-Fi too.
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