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Whenever you think life sucks, just think of this: Somewhere at some time, you have taken a piss at the same time as a celebrity TROLOLOL =3
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This blog is for people who love and appreciate Kuroshitsuji.

If you see something of yours on here and I didn't give you

credit for it, message me and I will gladly credit it.

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SHIVER -The GazettE [Full Song]

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Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi
Qui pius es, factus, prou do, plaustisanet ut actus
Miserere nobis.

I adore the Viscount’s blue lobster hat and I wish to obtain one for myself. I will look most fabulous~

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Lacrimosa - Kalafina [Full Song]

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Black Butler opening 1

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Happy Easter, my darlings~


I’m one hell of a derp.

I had to, guys. XD

Since I posted some pictures of the Kuroshitsuji Paper Dolls I made some people have been asking where to get the patterns. Most of them were found in various places around the web. I decided to make a general list of the dolls and where to find them all.

Keep in mind that the greater part…

Oh my goodness! I love this!

my dad found a dead crow in our backyard


omg, they killed sebastian!

I feel like I would be a hundred times happier if I had a friend like Lizzie in my life


I mean, yeah, she can get annoying at times, but just look at how fucking hard she tries to put a smile on Ciel’s face. Whether it’s working or not is aside the point - I just think that if someone I knew was trying that hard just to make me happy I’d be pretty fucking grateful.

Oh Kuro.


It’s 4:37 a.m

I want Starbucks.

And a butler. Preferably with the name Sebastian.

In his hooker boots.

Is that bad?

No, of course not.


One Month Until…


English dub of Black Butler Season 2!

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This version is amazing! Listen to it!

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