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okay so after seeing all the pictures I figured I'd like this show,hot girls,Ecchi,fighting what's not to love?
Well um where's the storyline? where's the fighting?(like as in actauly showing the fight scenes) 
also would they get the names Straight?! is it Elina or Erina,is it Listy or Risty, is it Reina or Leina?! Ahhh!
Make up your mind whether  it's a R or a L ppl! 
also is Claudette really the older sister of R(L)eina? cause Echidna said she was a Bastard Child. Was she just being Snide?
I would really like to like this Anime but so far it's in the "It's so bad it's good" Category.
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Yes I was inspired by another forum topic.
I don't have as many because I buy more then just Anime Shows.
Don't feel like re organizing them so I'm just going to list them.  ( I am NOT going to list all the one's I recorded cause that would be about 103 tapes listed)
1. Sister Princess (Box Set)
2. Sailor Moon (3 Movie set and 2 vhs)
3. Princess Princess (Boxed Set)
4. Girls High (Box Set)
5. Martian Successor Nadesico (Box Set)
6. Ikki Tousen (S1 Vol 2)
7.Ikki Tousen (S2 Vol 1)
8. Ikki Tousen (Complete Collection S1,2 & 3) though Badly Subbed and doesn't have the OVA's)
9. Slayers (vhs 5-8)
10. Bleach the movie 2
11. Air the movie
12. Burn up the movie
13. Burn up W (vhs)
14 Burn up Excess
15. Kiddy Grade
16. Strawberry Panic (Vol 1 & 2)
17. Daphne in the brilliant blue (vol 1)
18. Get Backers (vol 1 & 2)
19. Coyote Ragtime Show (vol 1)
20. Pet shop of Horrors (vhs)
21. R.O.D (vol 1)
22. Grenadier ( Vol 1)
23. Fruits Basket (Vol 1)
24. Girls Bravo (Vol 6)
25. School Rumble (Vol 2)
26. Canvas 2 (Complete Season)
27. Paradise Kiss (Vol 1)
28. Shuffle (Vol 1)
29. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (Vol 1)
30. Happy Lesson (Vol 1)
31. Noien (Box Set)
32. Fate Stay/Night (Box Set)
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I think there should be a Super Bio, like Comic Vice has. Except with your Anime Personality instead of Super powers.
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