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Anime i've seen
This Includes finished Anime and Unfinished Anime I'm still Watching.
Along with who my Favorite Characters are.
1. Princess Nine

Finished. Love it! Fave Chars: Yuki,Izumi,Seira (looks like Scarlet from Wedding Peach)

2. Wedding Peach

Unfinished. pretty much another Sailor Moon. Fave Chars: Scarlet,Limone. (there should be a option for Wedding Peach DX as well)

3. Samurai Deeper Kyo

unfinished. Fave Chars: Yuya,Sanada,Mahiro & Migeira

4. Da Capo

They're cute, one girl looks like Card Captor Sakura and I like the Redhead that's it.otherwise it was confusing as hell.

5. Queen's Blade

Just started. it's Um Intreasting. Fave Chars: Risty,Claudette & Naneal.

6. Magikano

Unfinished. Fave Chars: Yuri,Michiru,Chiaka

7. Skip Beat!
8. Fate/stay night

Finished. Fave Chars: Rider,Rin & Archer.

9. Vandread

Unfinished. Fave Chars:Jura,Celtic & Duelo McFile

10. Sekirei

Finished. Fave Characters: Miya Asama and Kazehana

11. Black Butler


12. Honey and Clover


13. NANA


14. Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi


15. Trinity Blood


16. Darker than BLACK


17. Spice and Wolf


18. Tokyo Majin


19. Strike Witches
20. D.Gray-man
21. Kaze no Stigma
22. Basilisk
23. Chrome Shelled Regios
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