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Anime i've seen
This Includes finished Anime and Unfinished Anime I'm still Watching.
Along with who my Favorite Characters are.
1. Sailor Moon

My first Anime at 5 yrs old. Fave Characters: Sailor Neptune,Venus,Nephrite,Kunzite,Zoycite,Esmeraude,Aluminum Siren,Catzi,Tellu,Paru Paru,Fish Eye.

2. Ikki Tousen

One of my Fave Anime's! Chars: Ryofu,Reomu,Kanu,Shiryuu

3. Black Lagoon

I just started watching this,so far it's pretty good. should I read the Manga? Chars: Revy & Roberta

4. Clannad

Watched it twice! just finished with After Story Chars:Kyou,Kotomi,Fuko

5. Kanon (2006)

Unfinished Chars: Mai,Nayuki,Makoto

6. Strawberry Panic

unfinished Chars:Shizuma & Mizuho

7. My-HiME

unfinished Chars: Nao & Natsuki

8. School Rumble

Done but I need to watch it again. (Karen looks alot like Sailor Mercury and Mikoto and Yakumo could be Twins!) Chars:Eri,Itoko & Kenji

9. Air

Unfinished but Own The Movie. Chars: Mizusu & Haruko

10. High School Girls

aka Girl's High. Finished. Chars: Kyoko Himeji

11. Martian Successor Nadesico

Unfinished. not a big fan but I do Own it. Chars: Ruri,Megumi

12. Slayers

Unfinished Chars: Lina,Zelgadis,Naga The Serpent

13. Bleach

Unfinished. Own the second Movie. Chars: Ichigo,Renji,Byakuya,Aizen,Nemu,Youruchi,Sun Sun,Nel,Gin,Urahara,Uryu,GrimmJow,Kenpachi.

14. burn up

unfinished. Though I am set on COllecting all of it. Chars: Rio, Miss Ruby.

15. Kiddy Grade

Unfinished Chars: Eclair,Lumiere,TweedleDee,Armbust

16. Daphne in the Brilliant Blue

unfinished Chars: Rena Honjo

17. Aquarion

unfinsihed. fave chars: Reika,Gen and Sirius

18. Getbackers

unfinished. Fave Char: Hven,Ban Midou

19. Pet Shop Of Horrors

have all the show. want to read the Manga as it stretches further. Fave Char: The Count of Course!

20. Read or Die

debating whether I should finish it.

21. Grenadier

havn't seen enough to pick a fave.

22. Fruits Basket

have one Volume. but The Manga is sooo much better! Fave Characters: Yuki,Saki,Shigure (he reminds me of someone I used to know) Ayame, and I like Yuki and Akito's Dynamic.

23. Girls Bravo

unfinished. Fave Char: Miharu & Lilica Stacy

24. Canvas

have 2nd season. though it's not a Movie... Fave Char: Fujinami Tomoko

25. Paradise Kiss

unfinished. Fave Char:Miwako Sakurada,Mikako Kouda & Arashi Nagase.

26. Shuffle!

unfinished. fave char:Lisanthuis,Nerine,Forbesii.

27. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

unfinished. though I like this better then the Original. Fave char: Kaname. though Tessa reminds me of Ruri in Nadesico and Melissa reminds me of Misato in Neon Genesis.

28. Happy Lesson

unfinished. fave Char: Yayoi,Kisaragi,Minazuki

29. Strawberry 100%

have read 2 of the Manga's want to see the Anime. Fave Char: Satsuki.

30. Maburaho

unfinished. Fave Char: Yuna & Shino.

31. Rumbling Hearts

seen only 2 episodes. need to catch up. Fave Char:Mitsuki

32. They Are My Noble Masters

Finished. Fave Char: Shinra,Miyu and Yume.

33. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

unfinished. Fave Char:Miu

34. Black Blood Brothers

unfinished. Fave Char: Cassandra & Jiro (he reminds me of Alucard from Hellsing)

35. Neo Angelique Abyss

just started watching this. Fave Char:Angelique,Rayne,Hyuga (he Reminda me Of Frost from the Laurel K Hamilton books) & Mathias.

36. Shangri La

just started Watching it. Fave Chars: Karin,Momoko.

37. Cowboy Bebop

unfinished. or been so long idr... Fave Chars: Faye,Ed.

38. Outlaw Star

Finished. Fave Chars: Suzuka and Aisha

39. Tenchi Muyo

Finished. Fave Chars: Washu,Ryoko,Ryioki & Nagi.

40. InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale

unfinished. but I've seen enough. Fave Chars: Sesshomaru,Inuyasha,Kikyo,Sango,Kelalah.

41. Ah! My Goddess

Unfinished. Fave Characters: Urd and her Mother.

42. Magic Knight Rayearth

Finished. Really want to see the 2nd Season! Fave Chars: Umi,Presea,Zagato,Alcyone ,Tatra & Eagle Vision.

43. Boys Be...

Finished. Fave Chars:Aya,Jyunna & Mizuki.

44. Godannar

unfinished. Fave Chars: Shadow,Shizuru,Knight & Alice Valentine.

45. Elfen Lied

Finished. fave Char: Nana

46. Yu Yu Hakusho

Unfinished. Fave Char: Kurama,Botan.

47. Spirited Away
48. Kiki's Delivery Service
49. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
50. Samurai Champloo

Finished. Fave Char: Jin

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