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General Discussion » If you were in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure...



House built near Devil's Palm. An accident causes Stand to manifest.


From a Pacific Island in US territory.

Pale skin, dark brown hair, average height, lanky build. Wears black pajamas and tennis shoes as well as driving gloves.

Stand crawls along the ground under a black cloak at the speed of the user. When revealed it looks like a bizarre stingray with barbed blades on its tail.

The Stand is called Naito Muubusu (Night Moves: a Bob Seger song). While in shadows can make himself and objects attached to him undetectable in both sight, and sound. Artificial light can reveal presence and so can physical contact. Revealing the stand also reveals oneself to the attack of projectile barbs from its tail. User can ride on the back of the stand to safety provided it is still covered in shadow. Typically used in conjunction with a car.

Poses like a boss while driving.

Friends with clientele asking for assassinations.

Traveled to America to enter his car in the Steel Ball Rally: a cross country street race for big prize money. This character joins the race for thrills and money but also starts secretly taking assassination contracts throughout the race. Tries to get rich quick but is inevitably foiled by a JoJo.

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General Discussion » saint seiya the lost canvas anime sucks

Saint Seiya is in fact great so the fact that they did a prequel spin-off that doesn't have a protagonist named Seiya is already a red flag.  Sadly I lost interest within about 5 episodes.  Admittedly there were a handful of things that intrigued me for instance seeing both Dohko and Shion in their hay day as well as knowing just what the hell the big holy war was all about before the time frame of the original show.  It's quite hard to pinpoint what exactly turned me off to the remainder of this series run but if I had to pick one thing it would be the distinct lack of punches.  It's (almost) all punches damn it!  If they wanted to bring back this series they should shoot for a reboot tied closer to the original comic.  As awesomely violent as things got in that show it apparently gets far more savage on the manga pages.
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General Discussion » One Piece hate, are you bias, kizaru light-speed?

Kizaru's light speed and energy evasion are clearly a result of the fruit, but he is able to utilize things like explosive beams, and precision light travel thanks to his fighting strength (i.e. Haki).  The best evidence to support the disconnect between Kizaru's reaction time and his power are depicted best in the TV show interestingly enough.  His voice actor perfectly captures a guy who is so comfortable with his power that he constantly talks like he's laid back and on vacation.

Of course this is all my own inane personal views on this matter.  I essentially started all of this theorizing from the Luffy vs Crocodile fights where they say (paraphrasing) "Depending on how you use the fruit, its uses can grow and become stronger."  Consider how One PIece characters that are super tall aren't designed that way because they're basketball players, but to show how physically strong they are.  The sheer height of the admirals shows that they have more strength than merely logia powers.  For all I know some of you manga readers are further enough in the story to better understand the nature of these powers but I'd rather not be spoiled about them. 
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General Discussion » Top 5 worst animes (I have watched)

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Least offensive first of course.
5. Fairy Tail
4. Pokemon
3. Blue Gender
2. Yu-Gi-Oh!
1. Samurai Deeper Kyo
For more detailed reasons as to why I think this stuff is total garbage I currently have a list in progress.  For honorable mentions I think both Inuyasha and Bleach are way over rated.  There's only a certain amount of bullshit I'm willing to tolerate and it takes special kind of anime to completely get me foaming at the mouth with hate.
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General Discussion » AlphaVictor #4: The (Late) Halloween Mailbag

Sorry but I'm sick of hearing otakus fawn over every single show they get their mitts on.  Pass-edena.
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Just Anime » Diamond "Jozu"

Confirmed.  All references of Jozu's name in Japanese spell it in Katakana, meaning it's a foreign word being spelled phonetically.  So since everyone disregarded any research, he will now be known as "Jaws".
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General Discussion » Does it suck now, or have I changed?

 Both statements are true.  Being an adult who grew up with this shit I tend to hit up the classics for entertainment because none of this modern stuff really appeals to me.  I have the list  to prove it.  Naturally I'm open minded about what I watch but the quality for this generation of shows seems really low.
@Leptok:  Do you want something recent and sci-fi?  The last great one I saw was CASSHERN SINS.  A very dramatic take on being a robot...
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Just Anime » Diamond "Jozu"

He's finally been introduced 2 episodes ago, the 3rd Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, "Diamond" Jozu as the subtitles have translated.  I still don't know enough Japanese to understand if its meaning fits his character but I can't help but hear the voice actors saying "Jaws".  Oda's writing seems to have its own language in a setting with several references to world culture.  Seeing the way this dude grits his teeth all the time makes "Jaws" sound appropriate.  These pirates all have all have crazy names to begin with.  Then again his armor makes him look like a straight up samurai so having an actual Japanese name would also make sense.
Diamond is more or less white in it's raw state and it gives him the presence of a great white shark.  Bad pun logic aside I only brought this up because of the recent translation of the giant race of monsters called "Oars".  I suppose the only thing to blame is low quality fansubs.  I guess the official stuff is finally showing its merits so we fans can feel better about supporting it.  So what do you guys think?  Does this guy look like a Jaws or Jozu to you?

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Just Anime » Been Away, What did I miss?

You're just in time to watch this site get driven into the ground.
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Just Anime » Guilty Pleasure Anime

Guiltiest of pleasures would be just about every sports anime.  Most of the time they're by no means good.  They frequently come stock with bad pacing, inane plots, and a bland repetition within the animation.  But there's something about the firm brow seriousness of the characters in the midst of a game, the ridiculous ramp up in the skill level of antagonists, and the flashy, over-the-top sports "techniques" that make the whole package kind of endearing.  Guess I don't feel as guilty about it as I thought.  Check out my list why don't you?
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Battles » Espada Vs. Cp9 & Shichibukai

This is a terrible match.  It doesn't make any sense for them to fight and it goes something like this: ghost world gives ghosts power, water world you earn power.  Even Darwin couldn't make sense of this match up.  Espada are just dumb.  They are those kind of "show up and I'm super powerful for no reason," antagonists.   I'd compare it to Dragon Ball Z when Freeza appears, but at least that felt like it was a final battle to prove who is the stronger alien.  CP9 were kind of that way too but they were the definitive assassins for the World Government.  They came across as insane martial arts masters with a license to kill..  And the Shichibukai are just dope, period.  So the World Government wins.  Why?  Because they're cooler.  And because I live in a real world, not a whack ass ghost land.
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Just Anime » Anime that made you cry?

One Piece, the end of the Drum Island story arc which concludes Chopper's back story.  It gets me every time.
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