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Corny Ass Sports Shows

They are just so cheesy that you can't help but love em'. Maybe it's my passing interest with actual sports broadcasts or maybe I'm just out of my damn mind, but no one gives them quite the style they need quite like these anime. I can completely tell that some of these have some serious flaws in the execution, but when these shows go for the sport moments they go the full nine yards.

1. Fighting Spirit

Best of all worlds as far as I'm concerned. It exhibits some serious boxing techniques while giving the characters back stories that hit about as hard as the punches. The desperate struggle to be number 1 somehow always makes for a compelling show. It's also insanely funny with humor that any like minded adult could appreciate.

2. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is just a wacky good time for everyone. The animation is a tad inadequate compared to that of its opening credits but it still makes for a great show. The main characters in these sports shows are a varied bunch but I can plainly say that "Rebound King" Sakuragi is by far my favorite. The high school setting had great drama and comedy both on and off the court. The sport itself was portrayed generically in some instances, but it is truly a classic to be remembered.

3. Tomorrow's Joe
4. Major

Major makes it because somehow it managed to both disappoint and then promptly exceed my expectations. Usually a sports anime will use a game in the most over the top fashion to turn most of them into almost an action genre. Major instead chooses to use baseball as a metaphor for coping with trauma and of course for never giving up. The actual baseball was lackluster at times but this show tugged on my heart strings enough to make my top 3.

5. One Outs

How did two baseball shows end up right next to each other? Weird... It's almost not baseball really. Instead it's One-Outs, a game of chance between a pitcher and batter where the winner can earn large sums of money. There is a borderline violent atmosphere around the insidious main character Tokuchi, who seems to revel in defeating people both psychologically and financially.

6. Eyeshield 21

This would probably be higher on the list of someone else and I'm not sure why. The show had a ton of great style to both the characters, animation, and the sport itself. But there's something about the pacing of the training sequences and games themselves that I can't fully endorse. The show is fine, and quite literally is the best "American Football" cartoon you'll ever see, unless you really liked King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

7. The Prince of Tennis

Incredibly bland at times but it's just too corny to hate. The various back stories and behind the scenes side stories are a real bore. If anything this should be lower down the list but Prince of Tennis makes it this far for breaking the physical laws of tennis balls for the sake of entertainment.

8. Cooking Master Boy
9. Ring ni Kakero

Designed by the guys who made Saint Seiya so I was already sold. In the end it was pretty good but it's inspiration is a little too on the nose. The show was exactly what I wanted it to be so I'm not entirely sure why I came away somewhat underwhelmed. If you like both boxing and over the top punching then I guess this is for you.

10. Excel Saga

Sports episodes spoofed correctly. It hits all the right cliche's for bowling, baseball, and just about every other kind of anime. It probably seems a bit dated by today's standards but this show made me laugh constantly.

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