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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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After the assness that was Ironman anime, I wasn't sure how Madhouse next Marvel project, Wolverine, was going to turn out. However, after finally finding a file of it, it turned out ok. First off the ugly faces of Ironman are gone and are replaced with a much cleaner look with the character designs. While Wolverine or Logan was given a slimmer structure, he was still pretty buff and had his trade mark sideburns. The voice actor, Koyama, Rikiya, also helped in making a convincing voice for Logan, if Logan talked in Japanese. Story isn't anything special in terms of Marvel go as Logan is off in Japan trying to get his lover back, Mariko. Of course if you remember in the comics, you know what happens to Mariko. Combat looks pretty good with nice animations and nice shots of Logan get swords and gun shots through him and then show off his regenerating powers at work. 
While it isn't the great, it still decent enough to enjoy and a better recommendation than Ironman. 

 Don't mess with me bub!
 Don't mess with me bub!

  Onii-chan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!! (Or I Don’t Love My Brother at All!) is a very long and really silly name. But besides that, this show is a love comedy about Takanashi Nao and her crush on his older brother Shuusuke. Story is kinda pointless with how this show doesn't takes itself seriously and would rather focus on the jokes. Jokes are either funny or just really lame and unappealing. There are the usual sexual gags and "You saw me naked!!" ones that felt very awkward at times but it is the combination of the "secret crush” factor spun into these jokes that do make it some what funny. Also the weird facial reactions also help too. I think the main thing that would really keep me away from continuing watching this is the designs on characters with their oddly shaped and lengthy body parts and bland effects of making anything interesting to look at. It may be a comedy but it is not a looker.
I had a hard time watching this with its creepy jokes, the concept of brother loving sister, and the weird character design. If your in to this type of show, go right ahead and watch it. 

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