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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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Studio Deen can be a hit a miss in many of its shows and this season is pretty much the same with their two release. One I enjoy for its madness and one that felt boring for having a generic plot.
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? is pretty funny with all of its gags and madness with panty shots that zoom in real close, or the great "I'm dead jokes" since our main man Aikawa Ayumu ( Majima Junji) is a zombie but still looks like he is alive. He is alive thanks to a Necromancer named Eucliwood Hellscythe (Tsukimiya Midori) who does completely nothing but stay at Ayumu house and sleep and eat all day. Throw in a Masou-Shoujo named Haruna ( Nomizu Iori) that uses a chainsaw as her magical weapon and you got yourself a weird ass crew and we still haven't gotten the ninja Sera (Youko Hikasa) and Tomonori (Hisako Kanemoto). Content of some of the gags may not be for everyone like when Ayumu turned in to a magical girl and it had a panty shot moment which was very off. Story isn't really important despite them trying to give a back-story for Haruna's past and Ayumu's death. Visuals are pretty good with character designs and animations but some places look a little too bright and I'm not referring to the censoring.

  Dragon Crisis is what I feel is the serious show Studio Deen is putting out this season but it does some generic things. First our main character Kisaragi Ryuuji ( Shimono Hiro) is a high schooler that is throw in to something big by her cousin Nanao Eriko ( Yukana) as they try and steal some rare package which turns out to be a little girl that is voiced by Kugimiya Rie. And turns out she has super powers and people want her as a man in a helicopter comes in to Ryuuji apartment asking to hand over the girl. Visuals look good on character designs and environment but some designs are a bit blobby and it is really bright in almost every scene like I was playing Fable all over again.
So one show that is pretty entertaining and one that may go somewhere but is pretty generic about it. Check these shows out on Crunchyroll:


 Stop dancing and help the poor dude!
 Stop dancing and help the poor dude!
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