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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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Cardfight!! Vanguard is a poor mans Yugioh and in fact it is from the creators of Yugioh and Dual Masters. The anime isn't as fun to watch as Yugioh was but they did get one thing right, it is as terrible as Dual Masters with shoddy voice acting, bland visuals, and the fact that this anime came out at the same time the card game show it is all a huge marketing BS.
I don't know what Freezing is trying to do and it is because of a few things. One the visuals look dated with poorly lighted scenes or overly-lighted scenes, and grainy feel to animations which all left me feeling that the production budget was low. Also part of the possible production budget problems is the lack of wide screen as most of the show was shown at 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9 making it hard to watch at times. The weird part about that is the opening and endings were in wide screen so I have no idea what is going on at A.C.G.T. Most of the episode was just informing us about the world of Freezing, the abilities of these women fighters, their male parthners, limiters. and their fight with the alien invaders, Nova. However, this didn't leave room for any kind of character development so I ended up not caring about these people when have their limbs chopped off. This show is both bloody and mass fan-service with, again, limbs being chopped off in pointless ways sometimes and the usual panty shots. The worst part is when both of these elements are shown in the same scene, they leave a very awkward impression. 
Both of these show don't have anything to offer and there are better shows you can spend your time on than these.

 Watching this show upside-down doesn't make it any better.
 Watching this show upside-down doesn't make it any better.

 This would be dramatic if it wasn't so hard to see it well!
 This would be dramatic if it wasn't so hard to see it well!
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