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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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There something I like about Beelzebub and I think its that I find it to be more of a comedy than a adventure like most shounen series. Lots of bizarre things like the man that when he split in half he opens up a portal, or the fact that the whole highschool is filled with delinquents that want nothing more then kick Oga Tatsumi (Konishi Katsuyuki) ass since he is the strong of them all and a whole bunch of unique character to really spice up the moments. The real kicker that helps piles all of this humor is from our little baby demon Beelzebub IV who is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro? Visuals aren't anything special but not bad with nice designs on characters and colors that are on par with other shounen shows like One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. Music is the only thing I feel that is a bit lacking. While some do fit in with all of the comedy, others don't go far enough with the actions and the intro music doesn't get me excited for anything.
This is one of those shows that I want to take my time to watch since it has a lot of things I like but I already have so many shows to watch now I have to put it to the sides.


What is this I don't even....
I really wasn't sure what Level E was until Blondy, Baka Ki El Dogra (Namikawa, Daisuke), does a ET reference of the fingers touching scene to our main dude, Yukitaka Tsutsui (Hosoya, Yoshimasa). Story goes that Baka is a alien that crash landed on earth and is hiding in Tsutsui's apartment while both avoiding a organization that is investigating the crash landed UFO and finding out who he is since he lost his memories from the crash. All while making Tsutsui suffer by stealing his stuff or having him do weird things. The humor in this show is either a hit or a miss with jokes like the ET gag or the weird puppets. Besides jokes, things start to get interesting as Baka finds that other aliens are on his tail and is hoping to get some help. Visually it not a looker. At some points the character models look good and environment have a nice detailed look. Close ups on faces, however, don't look so good and most areas look a little bland. Also stuff that are rendered in CG look very off when next to the hand drawn animations. 
This is another show that I may need to miss but will to look back on another time. 
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 CG Puppets are scary O_o
 CG Puppets are scary O_o
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