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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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B Gata H Kei

Something about this show I really don't like. Maybe it how fan-servicy it is or maybe it was the funny moments that I enjoyed in it or maybe how odd the animation is or maybe the uninteresting music which tries to to be charming or maybe the plot of this show is the main girl, Yamada, wants to get 100 boys in her pants. I felt the same way when I first saw Chu-bra and how the fan-service was too much but the little things it had was enjoyable. While it had some funny moments (Like Yamada personal god who just looks like her with facial heir and the parts where she tried to seduce Takashi) it has problems that I can't get by

Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
This whole idea of a girl who is someone important dressing up as a maid and is found out by a boy could had been bad but Kaichou wa Maid-sama! throw in some good characters and reasoning to it to make it good. I wont go in to why our lead female and student council president of her predominantly male high school, Misaki Ayuzawa, is working as a maid but her interaction with Takumi Usui, the boy who found out about her secret, was pretty funny as he kept her secret to himself but fool around with her about it by always going to her job and aways call her by her work name, Misa-chan. Takumi Usui is a pretty cool guy but still has the stereotype shoujo vibe. Coming from J.C.Staff the animation are good and colorful with a lot of goofy faces. Anyway I recommend this if your into twist in Romance comedy. Now I leave you with a picture of Misaki Ayuzawa in her off-the-shoulder uniform:

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