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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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Something about this show is very nostalgic. It has a weird blend of American cartoon heroes and anime style. It is very American referencing from the colors on Heroman to the look of the setting (Center city, west coast, USA WTF Stan Lee). Where the show really shines is with the characters. Now our main character, Joey Jones (What kind of a name is that?), is a bit of a wimp but I can see him growing as the show goes on. Lina our possible love-interest is already a strong female but it is kinda weird that they made have blond heir, blue eyes, and always wearing a cheerleader outfit. Also she is rich (Why must all rich people be blonds?). She also has a brother, Will, who is a complete A - hole telling Joey to stay away from Lina. Psy, Joey's close friend, is a pretty cool guy with super crazy heir. Since this is from Bones the animation is top quality with lots of bright colors and designs. Music is pretty good including the openings and endings. I say this is a good start for the series and hope that it'll keep being good.
Look for more Spring anime impression soon.
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