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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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It was a pretty nice convention despite not seeing many panels and getting through the crowds. Anyway here are my impressions with this years Anime Festival / Comic con.

Showroom floor

It was pretty smartly layout, placing booth of big publishers in one area and vendors in another. This also want with grouping anime and comic related things in certain areas and gave the artiest ally to be in some bright place. However, crowding was still somewhat of an issue when trying to just walk around. It didn't helped how lines are a bit disorganize when they started to get very long (Really wanted to play some Skull Girls but the line was a bit messy).


This was the only screening I want to since the panels and screenings I wanted to go to weren't on Saturday or just not in good rooms. The Fate/Zero screening was placed in a small room wish may not had been a good idea since that series deserves a bigger screening room. However, the room to me helped show how popular the show was as 30 people filled it up quick. The audience was divided with people who are familiar with the series and those who are seeing it for the first time. As the show started people were completely quiet as everyone was intrigue with what was going on. The best moment was at the end as Saber said her famous line "Are you my master?" when cheered and clapped. After the show everyone was liked what they seen and high hopes for the show.


Pretty awesome postcards, both in glossy and matte finish, a poster, Redline, and two DVD/Blu-ray sets, Darker than Black season 2 and Katanagatari.

Cosplays and displays

Lots of interesting cosplays from many shows and nice booths.


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