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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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All we can do is hope
All we can do is hope

If you had the power to help others, would you actually help? That the question Hibiki is trying to answer as he observe the current condition of Japan as nearly everyone is looking to survive. Despite government organization, JPs, knowledge of impending invaders they do little to help it people. As the episode goes on we see how far the disaster has impacted other people. From Io's reaction to her missing parents to Daichi trying to comprehend the changes in their lives. However, after a battle with a flock of demons, Hibiki wants to help others and gives himself to JP's services along with his friends.

This episode nails in the reality of disasters and what impact it has on people. Throw in some demons and things are looking grim. While Yamato Houtsuin has a way to fight back the upcoming invaders that is causing the disaster, he not one to help what currently going on since it will interfere with what matters most. While it is kinda silly and illogical, it does mean that he has other motives which will show later on. This also help question morals of other characters that are working with him like Makoto Sako. Despite her loyalty with the group, she feels like she's question if she's doing the right thing. Hibiki continues to build himself up in character by understanding his powers and what to do with them along with his friends, Daichi and lo, as they find a way to grip with the current situation.

DS2 continues to hold true with it premise of disaster and demons. There still a lot of question that need to be answer, like who's the one passing around the demon app and what Yamato planning? But DS2 wont fail to give us what we need.


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