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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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Pretty sure Chie was on drugs in this scene
Pretty sure Chie was on drugs in this scene

It makes me happy to see the show move at a good pacing. Especially when it involves Nanako and Kanji.

The first half of the episode, or at least a good chunk, was of Nanako spending time with Yu and the gang. It wasn't super major or the most impacting part of her social link but it does show her openness to Yu as being a brother figure. However, this is only the beginning of her social link and it'll be interesting on how they will split it on in later episodes. The rest of the episode involves Kanji, as the gang put all of the clues together and confirm if he really is the next person to go in to the TV. The scene they used for the show were pretty solid as it keeps focus on whats important like the possible reason why Kanji may have been the next target, even if it leads to a miss direction. The Yukiko with Yu scene was a nice touch that shows how Yukiko is holding up. While the scene they kept from the game worked pretty well, I'm a little mix with some of the new scenes they added. The Yu finding Kanji's key chain bear, the study group, and the after test taking parts added to the show in a meaningful way but the whole beef bowl scene, while funny in a way, felt unneeded and did it need Aika to be in it for like a few seconds? Also what happen to the Yosuke talk about who does Yu like? That would had made the Yukiko scene with him a little interesting if Yu had some sort of interest in her (implying that he also likes Chie too).

Kanji has the perfect tough guy voice thanks to Tomokazu Seki, who has done many tough guy characters in the past, with nice screams and attitude. Another good voice was from everyones favorite detective, Naoto, who is voice by the lovely Romi Paku. You could not found a voice that can sound both male and female than hers. And while Susan Dalian does a good job with her, it fails to hide Naoto gender, which is part of her story and a nice shock value when it is reveal.

And so another solid episode that leads us to Kanji being in the TV and we will see all of it next week. Even if you don't want to see all of "that" Kanji -_-;


"Good, we&squot;re all alone" *Puts rape face on*
"Good, we're all alone" *Puts rape face on*
What are you looking at, bitch?
What are you looking at, bitch?
How can you eat at a time like this?
How can you eat at a time like this?
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