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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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Shut up and kiss me!
Shut up and kiss me!

And so we enter the TV again

With the fun times of the trip behind us, we return back to the story as Naoto try her best to pick at the team and hints at them on what she has in store with the murder case. Its soon apparent that Naoto is thrown in to the TV and having her secrets reveled by her own shadow that twist our level headed detective's world.

For those of you who don't know, I like Naoto's character above most of the other cast. She's cool, smart, and later on innocent in some cute ways. But its her background of hiding her gender and the way she acts like an adult that is reflective in society. She may be strong minded and tough but its really all an act even if she doesn't realize it. She's pretty much a kid playing around with adult type business. Her gender conflict isn't about should she act like a girl but does her gender fit with the ideal setting she's in. Even in these times it is hard for woman to fit in to fields, like the law enforcement, that men have mostly been in for years.

In the show, the conversion between Naoto and her shadow was a intriguing one compare to the game where it had many mood changes due to visual cues. At the start the mist around them was a greenish yellow and light blues but as the shadow start to poke at Naoto's emotions, the colors changed to reds and oranges, making the mood more unsettling just like how Naoto feels at that moment. Its an example of what makes animation great is that you can do things that help set the mood.

This episode of what turns out to be a two parter continues on the struggles of one's true self and I look forward to Naoto's conclusion.

Investigation team, GO!


Yukiko not having it with Teddie BS
Yukiko not having it with Teddie BS
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Rise La Forge
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