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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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Now take your pants off, slowly
Now take your pants off, slowly

A trip of a life time.

So far, this is my favorite episode. It has all of the beats from the game that slightly progress the story while also having the characters spend time off from the case. It has some anime original scene that add to the comedy and one that may progress to some love interest. Last, it has some clever beats that fit the setting more than what they had in the game.

The stuff I found interesting was the small scene with Chie and Yu. By now Yu hasn't really shown too much interest in any of the girls but this scene kinda does hint at he may have someone in mind. However, it could be that was worry about Chie in a friend sort of way so it may just be a misunderstanding on Chie's part.

Using the Persona 3 music was a clever idea since it makes the place the gang is going to a completely different world from where their from but still holds on to the same style. It wasn't like in trinity soul where it was thrown in and hope that the scene fit the song.

By far the best scene was the King's game and it wasn't just because parts of it was from the game but the anime had added some nice extras like having Yu get drunk and just letting himself go.

Next week we have our Naoto arc.

Investigation team, GO!

P.S. The screenshots are made from me since the site that I been getting these shots from wont be doing anymore for P4. Tell me how they hold up and give me some advice on doing screenshots. Thanks.


The ladies just love Naoto
The ladies just love Naoto
Naoto knows how to drink
Naoto knows how to drink
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