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Thats right guys, there is yuri here
Thats right guys, there is yuri here

The Oka X Urabe episode is here and so is many male fans wet dream, including Tsubaki and Ueno apparently.

Now for the more serious matter. The meeting between Oka and Urabe is a strange one, mostly on Oka part than Urabe (Imagine that :D). Oka was hellbent on having lunch with Urabe and when Oka offered food to Urabe, as Urabe replies by eating it to everyone's surprise. We see Oka always watching Urabe and immediately offering her help when she got injured. And, as it turns out, she shares a drool bond with her that is similar to what Urabe has with Tsubaki. So what is Oka’s deal? She clearly interested in Urabe but how far does that interest goes? Is Oka a lesbian? Well not really..

You see, Oka isn’t interested solo on Urabe but on the relationship Urabe has with Tsubaki. We know that Oka has a relationship going on with Ueno, which is a normal relationship. However, after seeing the routine that the other two goes through, she is curious about Urabe standing in the relationship. She even goes as far as doing her own droll test with Urabe, which results in a sweeter taste than Urabe had with Tsubaki, stating that Oka is a step ahead in her own relationship with Ueno. Due to the drool connection, Oka and Urabe have a bond between each other that can be taken as close friends, even if Urabe was nevering planning on making friends. However, it also could be taken as a homosexual relationship between each, mostly on Oka’s part. However, Oka never goes any further than just drool exchanges and teasing with Urabe and views her as a buddy that needs a little help in her relationship. We see soon that, like Urabe, is very loyal and caring about their boyfriends and wouldn’t do any harm to their relationship.

In a way, Urabe needed a friend. Friends are there when you need some advice from someone with a different perspective. Tsubaki asked his friend, Ueno, when he was wondering what to do with a girlfriend. Urabe, while having some good ideas with bonding and exchanges of feelings, doesn’t have anything else to build upon that alone without some help. Someone that can listen to her problems that isn’t just her boyfriend.

Oka is voiced by Hirohashi Ryou who have done similar type character with that tiny yet deep voice of hers. The way she plays Oka is similar to Aoi Yamada from Working, where she talk with a slightly quiet voice gives off a lot of energy. It is very fitting with how Oka is. Amazing how much has changed with her since Kyou Fujibayashi.

While this episode wasn’t an relationship building between Tsubaki and Urabe, it was more on what else Urabe needed in her life. It was simply a friend that she could use for advice.


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