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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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I have one word that best describe this first episode: Fabulous!  
Fabulous Plot: Story start out with our main man Takuto Tsunashi, who wash ashore and found by Sugata Shindou and Wako Agemaki. From there we found out that Tsunashi had reason for coming to this island (BTW he swim to the island instead of taking a boat, idiot) as he is in search for his father. Meanwhile, a mysterious organization known as "Kirahoshi Juujidan" are planning on kidnapping the madiens of the island which one of them happens to be Agemaki. And from there its pretty much main character is a legendary galactic pretty boy (Yes, that what Tsunashi title is) who’s out to save the damsel in distress, expect that Mr galactic pretty boy has always been that way so it'll be interesting at how this came to be when we dive right in to his character a little more. This set up works very well with a nice pacing of introducing characters that we begin to like and this world that we're in. Humor is very much Bones with characters going chibi and over reacting with smart timing witht he jokes and lines.
Fabulous Characters: While it is too soon to judge the characters, their first impressions are good enough to like them already. Tsunashi may seem like the usually silly lead male with his example of swimming to the island but he wants to enjoy his life, explore, socialize with others, he has a possible past that can be go deeper in to, and with his fight with the giant bull Mech shows that he got skills. Wako Agemaki still need more development besides that fact that she is a important figure to the island and Sugata Shindou, while from royalty, is a nice guy and wants to control his life (Comment he made when he said that his family wants him to marry Agemaki as it is his family's tradition,  but he said that "We should be free to follow our love").

Fabulous visuals: The look of this anime is topnotch. Bone is continuing their great animation work here with good character designs, amazing scenery, and breathtaking colors. Designs of the Mechs (or Cybuddy) may look ridiculous but they move so well including in the large over the top fight scenes with well done fight choreography.
This series has already proven itself that it can go far and I will continue to follow its journey to the top.

 This is just too Fabulous!
 This is just too Fabulous!
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