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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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This section of my season blog will focus on returning series and will be written in one post instead of having their own. So let get started.



Tegami Bachi Reverse (Letter Bee)

This was a interesting series. First season started off with a boy name Lag Seeing as he is literally delivered by a Letter Bee (Like UPS with magic guns), Gauche Suede. From his little journey with the Letter Bee, Lag learns of the trials and hardships these guys go through and soon to respect him for what Gauche had to do, which was to support his sister, Sylvette. Five years later, Lag now joins Letter Bees for not only doing the job Gauche did but also looking for him as it appears that he has gone missing. During his Seach, Lag meets up with interesting people including a Dingo (A protector) name Niche and discovers all sorts of things in this beautiful wasteland. Season 2 starts off with a surprise of Gauche appearing in front of  Lag and in a completely different person than when we and Lag first saw him. While season 2 will be heading in to a different plot line, its look still reminds will the beauty of the night sky and cold grounds of the wasteland. For anyone looking for a tale of discovery and meaning, take a look at this.  

Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge

Again, SHAFT just want Hiroshi Kamiya Characters to just suffer by the hands of weird events and characters. Arakawa season 2 is pretty much like season 1 was with its weird style of comady, weird but complex characters like the ex star head guitar player, Hoshi, or the Sister, a male nun with a submachine gun. Look of the series stays true to SHAFT's art style of abstract colors, design, and symbols. For those who are looking for something outside the usual, here one to try out.


To Aru Majutsu no Index 2  

Finally we return to the series that brought us the misfortune, super arm, Touma Kamijou, as he try to live a normal life while in-charge of protecting Index. This series can go off in weird directions with its world of espers and magic but when it gets on track with its concept, it can get pretty interesting. Already the first episode shows off a bad man getting hold of Index so that he can use the knowledge in her head (She pretty much a database of magic books) to help his wife, plus some nice action, and the usual J.C. staff's comedy. This seasons Index is very much a follow up and it is recommended that you see season 1 and maybe Railgun before jumping in to this one.

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