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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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After holding on to some massive savings I want on a spending spree on some old and new releases. 
*Note: My impressions will be of the presentation and not of the anime itself*

Toradora Vol 2

A nice show case of the whole supporting cast but I question the back side of repeating the same image but in blue which I feel they were a little lazy at the time. Cover of the DVD cases also show of interesting color designs and pictures but one of the cover images is repeated on the art book cover which I find a little weird. Inside the art book shows off the last episode summarizes, character art, and interviews with Rie Kugimiya and Junji Majima.  
  • More Toradore
  • Additional interviews and art
  • It had to end
  • Some space on cover could had been used for more designs
  • some art is repeated

This is where NIS America start to show improvement. The images used on all of the covers are all different and have additional designs to it making use of all of the space. Art book is pack with illustrations of art from Magazines, DVD covers, characters, and screen shots from episodes. However, they skip out on actor interviews in favor of adding more art but so far its a nice exchange. 
  • Lots of art on covers, art book, and lots of designs.
  • No interviews

FMA: Brotherhood Part 3

While small, the covers of the shell and case offer up a dynamic style of art, with characters in nice poses, making use of all the space on the covers. This release comes with 4 post cards but most of them, as you can see, is of Ed and would had liked other characters. 
  • Like the last releases, Lovely design on the disc, cover, and blu-ray menus.
  • Again, have to wait for the next release
  •  variety of the postcards
Overall a nice buy and good to see progress with NIS America on their releases. Funimation is still going strong.
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