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Attack on Titan is pretty damn good.
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Its been a while since I done one of these but I felt that Katanagatari Vol 1 deserves a mentioning as it is one of the most beautiful Bluray/DVD sets I seen.  
*Note: My impressions will be of the presentation and not of the anime itself* 

Lets begin with the gorgeous outer cover, where each inch of it is surrounded with designs, colors, and style. Red clouds fill the air with other recognizable Japanese designs like Torii, flowers, and birds. All of these designs surround our characters as they pose. The DVD cover contain Shichika and Togame posing in different ways and in different backgrounds. Both covers also fill with lots of designs and colors. The DVD and bluray disc themselves are decorated with the leaf symbol that represent Shichika and are in different colors for disc 1 and 2. Last the art book is packed with summarizes of the episodes in this volume, a few poems from the show, art works, and a glossary of some words that have a deeper meaning in them that wouldn't be explained in the show.  
This is a impressive package that best represent the series itself. I highly recommend anyone, curious people or fans of series, to buy this work of art. Good job NIS America.
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