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For FF8 fans, an interesting theory on the game's story
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For those who haven't watched it Cencoroll is a 30-minute short that was done almost single-handedly by a relatively unknown mangaka, Atsuya Uki.  Music was produced by Supercell/Ryo which you might have heard from Bakemonogatari or if your a nico douga roamer.  Here's a trailer:
The short left me wanting more and I think it was intended as such, with a cliffhanger.  Came away wishing for a potential series because of Yuki's (main girl) influence on Tetsu and Cenco, main guy and alien/pokemon.  I guess I have a thing for short/messy haired adventurous girls and got pumped up thinking about where this short could go in a season.
Then I fell into despair.
Started worrying whether it would work in a potential structured series.  I see a lot of potential and that scares me.  Might be my pathology ( I am a Jets and Mess, oops, Mets fan).  So I'm here to implore that ear out there.  I've already been a bit disappointed by Katanagatari this year.  Please, if your listening, and your going to make this a series, don't screw it up.
Can I get an amen?
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Bakemonogatari is my anime best for the year.  It was an extremely refreshing and satisfying show.  Loved the interplay and dialogue, kind of reminded me of the first time watching Pulp Fiction and just laughing hysterically.  The build up of Araragi and Senjougahara relationship, confessions and sweet moments are all wonderfully done and never felt awkward or liked I was being dragged through a contrived moment.  I can't say enough.
In terms of games, I can't choose, there were so many I enjoyed this year.  Valkyria Chronicles with it's beautiful water color visuals and tactics RPG.  Disgaea 3 was another great one from NIS, love the cute character designs and over the top grinding you can do.  Uncharted 2 was a roller coaster ride of Indiana Jones-esque adventuring and awesome visuals, and I thought a great example of what a PS3 can really do.
Best Manga I read was probably Onani Master Kurosawa.  A bit of coming of age, psychology, romance and comedy.  A short and sweet read.  Recommend to everyone.
Worst surprise of the year was my 2nd Xbox RRODing on me.  *sigh*
And best revenge goes to:
I particularly liked the comments at the bottom.  It's hilarious, in an evil way
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Time to watch animes I have missed, play games I haven't played/finished yet, meet with friends and family.  God I wish for more time!!!
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