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General Discussion » Grand Theft Auto 4 takes on Anime

Hi there, Anime Folks! 
I'm MattBodega, a user over at Anime Vice sister-ish site Giant Bomb. Normally, I spend my time with the video game crew, but I wanted to bring something to your attention, and, ultimately, hear some feedback on it. 
Grand Theft Auto 4 has become famous in gaming not only as one of medium's most popular releases, but also the medium's most direct, unabashed, satirist series. The English and Scottish members or Rockstar North to mock and criticize American pop culture and american society. They're not interested i9n pulling punches, and their not interested in being cute. 
The conservative news station in Grand Theft Auto 4 is actually called WEAZEL News. 
Yeah. They're pretty direct.
Anyway, here's the point; for the latest piece of DLC content for Grand Theft Auto(and the disc-based release of that dlc content in stores this week) Rockstar put out a trailer featuring one of the many television shows in the game. As you can see, Rockstar North has their sights set on Anime.
What do you folks think? As people who genuinely love anime, (as opposed to Rockstar, which appears to love Anime Ironically) do you think that the criticism of anime is salient? Does it ring true for the medium, or does it appear crass and callow? I thought the video was funny, but my familiarity with Anime is limited.
What about y'all? Is GTA on the mark? Or does this video really sell anime short?

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