Marshal Victory (Level 14)

"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)
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1st for those unfamilar with the new tv series

Its almsot perfect for anime. Just the right kitch that anime likes. you have fish out of water, conspiracy ,mystery, magic, demons,an more.

for those intrested in watching the 1st episode!sleepy-hollow its up now on hulu.

Hopefuly it will last a season.If not their is enuff meat on its bones that it would make a fine anime.

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New anime season is headed our way an i got to see Diabolik Lovers 1st episode the other day.An um for me its probly the worst 1st episode i have ever seen.It made Every Dog Has His Day apear good.An that was a 3 times to get threw the 1st episode level of bad for me.

Now i stress for me in this .Not puting down those who woud like it.Opions vary as well do tastes .But Dog & Scissors went on to grow on me enuff to watch the series an see it for what it was.A over the top parody of shonen .Almsot a reverse of shonen with a parody on harem anime as well.Its really aimed for anime fans who would cach the jokes like Binbogami ga! .Tho its a harder pill to swallow than Binbogami ga! by far.

Diabolik Lovers came right off the "bat" like a dark shadows take.. then got not creepy in a horror sence .Just down right bad. Even if the rest of the series would show a lighter side to the family of vampires who cares! They came off as rapey ,childish ,moronic creeps.Why would i care about any of these characters to watch more?

Even the "victem" whoes mysterious background brought her to their house falls short.A guy tries to rape/bite you an people lick you an you stick around?An the art style is made for fanfic.Its been while since i watches a anime where i coud not say somethig positive about it. Every Dog Has His Day had good animation quality .Heck even Devil and Realist had better animation .It even had a plot .

Whats the worst 1st episode you have ever seen in anime?An did you go on to enjoy the series?

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1st vid for the movie ...

An they will be a second season!

"Production I.G President & CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa acknowledged in his Anime Expo panel in July that a second season of the Psycho-Pass anime is in the works. He also hinted that an “important announcement” would be made at the screening event of all 22 episodes of the anime."


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to open in theathers 30th of november.

It takes place after the 1st one.Which was pretty good tho another rewrite of the seires history.Take it as it is an its a good ride.This looks good as well.

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Well i was on a mostly island map .In one of those moments of insperation .. 1st for those unfamilar with civ v

an i thought man this would be great for One Piece mod or game .

Well im apreantly fashionable, cause im always late to the party! So theirs two big collections for it.But wait thats not all... Madoka Magica Civilizations

Also note samweller999 should be happy they have Brony mods tho im not sure this is a good thing my self.

Its one of those moments when a sub gene of entertainment crosses over to the next bigger sub gene of entertainment.If im not mistaken this whole anime/manga thing just might cach on.

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