Marshal Victory (Level 14)

"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)
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Lets face it its good money aprently. Note... 480 forum users were the subjects.yeah so scientific like.

New research reveals that people who play games for long periods of time may experience an altered perception of reality

Gamers who play for hours are prone to hallucinations and seeing distorted versions of reality, according to a new study.

Respondents reported seeing "distorted versions of real world surroundings" and "misinterpreted real life objects" after they had stopped playing. Others said that game menus appear in front of their eyes during conversations.

The study, compiled from responses by 483 forum users, explored the concept of “game transfer phenomena” – experiences where players’ perceptions, cognitions and behaviours are influenced by images seen while gaming.

Among the categories of experience recorded were "multisensorial", for example hearing video game music, and "retinal sensations" when players see "game elements intermittently or episodically in the back of the eyelids".
Some gamers told scientists at Nottingham Trent University’s International Gaming Research Unit that they see "coloured images" and "heads up displays" while driving on the motorway.

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Some times a trailer comes along that you want to inflict.. err show i mean show to others!

An its a kickstarter to.

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Now i know some would say the drones from a sub we have seen that before.. but not like this. They launched a air drone from a sub.An its design reminded me of some Robotech missle like drones that had a folding wing just like those. Heck the mother drone submarine their talking about puts one in mind of Blue Submarine No. 6 an Arpeggio of Blue Steel .

So yes let me be the 1st one to welcome our drone robotic submarine overlords.Futures getn here way to fast.

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In the pilot after the main character usesa machine tor recover memeories he rembers his ex girl friend an has a nose bleed right after.Right off the bat thats a anime trope.It has a few others an some have got a ghost in the shell vibe from the series.

Any one else watching an geting a anime vibe from the show?

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Their site.

If they sound familar

Note some of the movies they are in. more music here

really dig this one to..

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