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"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)
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Finally out! An can't afford to get it right off argh! For those unfamiliar An for those who never took the faction test to see which faction best aligns with your personality

The Secret World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing survival horror video game set in the modern day real world by developer Funcom. Ragnar Tørnquist is the creative director of the game.

"The Secret World uses a subscription-optional, "buy-to-play" business model, requiring players only to buy the game with no additional subscription fees, with additional benefits to those members still paying a subscription.

In the game, you the player, join one of three worldwide secret societies, and attempt to save the world from a mystical plague and forward your societies agenda over that of the others. The game uses a contemporary setting, borrowing heavily from horror genres and folklore, with a Lovecraftian New England for the novice player, mummies and cultists in Egypt for the middling player, and vampires and werewolves in Transylvania for the higher level player. The gameplay is fast. Unlike in many other MMORPGs, there is no need to stop to use most of a characters special abilities, allowing movement more familiar to FPS gamers. Further, the character is free to redevelop their abilities at nearly any time to better prepare themselves for specific threats or better integrate themselves into a group. Also, unlike in the traditional MMORPG, advancement and potency is primarily through equipment, with player advancement mostly in buying, through experience points, additional abilities and the ability to wield more powerful weapons." from

Word of warning tho.. it is a hard game to learn. The learning curve is high an its a hard game even then. But rewarding with stories you do not find in any other mmorpg, I play on Arcadia (rp) its a role play server. But the games set in the modern day so honestly its hard not to just be natural an role play.

Now the question is does it offer much for the anime fan? Yup. Lots of deep story an over the top anime style. Hell this game could be a great back drop for a GONZO or Madhouse anime. Helsing would fit in this world. It is a mix of some of the better horror fiction of years gone by with old myths woven into a modern age.

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Just watched this on Amazon Prime. When it came out years ago I so wanted to go see it in theaters but health kept that from being a reality. So what does this offer the anime fan? Besides wire fu an cowboys an ninjas? Its kind of a surreal looking tho at times heavy handed cgi tale. You get also tho not as a lead or a bad guy.

In some ways this could have been a Madhouse story. Could almost see how they would animate it as well. An in others you get a odd story that almost would fit in goth like tale with the circus that is in it as well. It does straddles the westerns of old an the Ninja films of old as well. So its a mixed bag but for me well worth looking into. Then again if you put much stock in which has it at best 47% with the audience then you should pass. But bad movie reviews never keep me from seeing something I want to see.

An I did an seem to be no worse for wear. Its above a B movie but not quite where most every one that seen it would like it to be. An thats the rub. Its got all the potential to be something else. Then again the best review advice I have heard is "review something for what it is not for what it could be". An for what it is it's worth watching an a anime fan can fine some good parts in it.

As a side note would say its better than some of the live action anime films of late.Which is a shame as this was a huge box office bomb in 2010. This could eventualy get cult status as the reviews on amazon are much better than Rotten tomatoes. But to be a cult classic think it should have more than a few memorable lines.

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Now for the longest time ( since high school 1985 ) I have said art is simply opinion. An For years an years I have watched attacks on the video game industry by well meaning an not so well meaning people. So imagine my surprise to stumble across a well written an historical look at video games as art an the attacks their of.

""Video games can never be art," thundered movie critic Roger Ebert in 2010. Responding to a provocative TED Talk that argued the opposite, Ebert dismissed the examples mentioned in the presentation, sniffing that they "do not raise my hopes for a video game that will deserve my attention long enough to play it. They are, I regret to say, pathetic."

Now this is one of among the many things I would disagree with Ebert . But for those interested in the history of video game attackers an a fair look at how the critics of video games were wrong with their long term predictions, please read the whole article. It covers all the big points an predictions of the nay sayers of negativity of video games.

Thought enuff of the 2 page article to make a blog post about it. But it does have a few things to discuss. As video games seem to have a large chunk of the entertainment dollar will we see more attacks soon? So even NPR fudging numbers so much so NPR had to list movie advertising as a profit for movies not a expense. That seems like a sure thing we will see more but I think more subtle ones.

Also of note if one looks at gross then things look a bit different. Problem with the comparison is net. The movie industry can show a net loss an still make money. Its call Hollywood accounting The video game industry can not do that. Or at least has not learned to do that.

Some would question if video games will ever be as big as movies. But it is time an accounting that will tell the tale. Think that line was crossed when Hollywood made movies based on video games. An continue to try an cash in on their popularity. Oddly enuff one could argue how the horror movie industry was attacked an predictions of what those movies would cause. Is fairly similar to the claims vs video games. Which were similar to the attacks on pen and paper rpgs Which was similar to attacks on books.

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We almost lost house this morning . Had power line pulll from house an mess some stuff up. AC unit caught fire from the surge.Im still suffering from electrical smoke from it . Unpluged it an comp surge protectors . The battery back ups surge protectors saved the comp. Brother pulled the fuse box out an saved the house. Literaly pulled the fuse box out. we gota get new meter base but after they put a new line up were back in buisness.

I had just woke up so I was not sure if the light geting bright was the electric or me just being low on oxygen. When seen the flash an fire in the ac unit well excrement hit the rotary air moving device. 8 hours later finaly get a breathing treatment .During that 8 hours im trying to think what to grab if things go even further wrong.

So wallet is a no brainer. Notebook with all the passwords for online stuff ( yes I save them in a notebook for just such a emergency) An then how am i gona get all my anime out.. its one box of dvd/blue rays. But its to heavy for me to carry. Well most things now are to heavy for me to carry. Worst case would grab the Psyco Pass collectors edition. Then it kinda hits ya you really cant save it all. 4 comic book long boxs full of stuff would just go poof.

Been toying with the idea of a Go Bag. A small backpack for emergency use. An after this definitly gona. Tho doubt ill put anime in it. That can be replaced eventualy.

So what would you save?

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Just watched it on Amazon Prime. thats the link to the imdb. You can find it in parts on Youtube as well " Descendants of Hong Gil Dong " but ti would take a while longer to watch.

Now why this movie would apeal to a anime fan? It plays on the robin hood theme an has shades of Lupin the 3rd. Well in this case it would be the 18th. It has comic book icon use as well as many Bandi toy robots . Action comedy any anime fan should like . As well as a few laugh out loud moments . The action sceens are pretty good but the comedy parts are well timed.

Not sure how much of a tongue in cheek poke at hollywood this was ment to be. But it feels almost a parody of some high budget action films. At times its budget is seen but over all its a well made film an far more enjoyable to me than some films that cost 20 times its budget.

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