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"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)
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I know some do not see a attack on video games. So would refer here to this video an what one group want to be taught in schools.

Yes she was in one of the other attack video game blog posts. But she does bring up some interesting points about this new school teachings this one group wants. With some familiar names. Yes we can ignore studies that prove violent video games do not increase violence..

But if their is money to be made "science " can prove any point.. says " Experimental studies show that violent video games cause people to behave more aggressively, but how long does the effect last? In most experiments, aggression is measured immediately after gameplay. The present experiment is the first to test the long-term causal effects of violent video games on aggression. By the flip of a coin, participants played a violent or nonviolent game for 20 min. Within each group, half ruminated about the game. The next day, participants competed with an ostensible opponent on a competitive task in which the winner could punish the loser with painful noise blasts through headphones. Results showed that violent video games increased aggression 24 hr later, but only among men who ruminated about the game. Rumination keeps aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavioral tendencies active. If players ruminate about the violence in a game, the aggression-stimulating effects of the game persist long after it has been turned off."

Note the lack of noting who or where or what or any thing if these "experimental studies" are. Oh an then their is this.. " Based on that science, he said, "Playing violent video games increases aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, emotional arousal and aggression." They also make people "numb to the pain and suffering of others." ... oh really? an this gem " "Violent media is something we can do something about," he said. He does just that in his own home. The television has a password, he said. The computers have passwords. There are no screens in the children's rooms. His children, a 19-year-old daughter and boys who are 17 and 14, have iPads, but must use them in rooms with open doors and must hand them over to their parents at night.

"They hate me, too," Bushman said with a smile, "just like every other teenager in America."

I am not a teenager an would hate to bust this guys bubble, but hes not worthy of my hate. Pity maybe. Hate tho requires energy an hes not worth it. But worth noting guys like this will help lead a "scientific" attack on video games.

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1st thing to note its made by Nexon an they make free 2 play games. Usually not to bad on the wallet but Free 2 Play can mean you end up paying more than if you just bought the game out right or a subscription base.

2nd thing it does not look bad over all. Graphics are good enuff. Game play is the key an it looks like you can mod your avatar different ways.

3rd If its just first person shooting then this is not gonna be good for long. The newness wears off an then its just a skinned first person shooter. So they better have more than just this.

This was supposed to already be out an doubting we will see it till 1st quarter of next year. As at G-STAR 2014 they gave no new release date.

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So this documentary focus is more on robots in emergency use. But it shows how fast things are progressing. Including a robots thats 22k to buy an can be programed by showing it how to do the task. Thats tword the end of the video. Its bit long for a youtube video but its well worth looking at how far an fast robots have progressed.

Just like with computers as one thing leads to another. Tech gets smaller an fast, so to does the design an refine aspect of drones an robots.Just think this was 2011 an it was 16k or so to own one.

Just think what we will see in 10 years? I think the other vid was right this century is the robot revolution one.

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Sorry for edits after post but it would not let me post text with the video!

Again here we have a compilation of robots an drone tec. An once again I for one welcome our new robot overlords!

But seriously when I was in high school an that movie about that killer robot from the future came out people scoffed at the idea of robots. Hunter Killer drones were fiction to some an silly ideas to others.

An yet here we are the possibility gets closer to probability. Good Sci-Fi always throws in possibility an probability. The future tho is always just one second away.

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So here we are again attacks on video games as the Hollywood movie industry has a down turn. Now one can argue easy enuff that this was not caused by or backed by Hollywood. Tho the overall trend still holds I will digress to the current controversy.

An now video games are sexist. This is a old dead horse, but beatings must be administered. Problem is facts do not back up the claims. An fact do come from some interesting places...

Well worth watching an its probably not what you think.

Here is the boiled down version with more NSFW words...

With a different slant as well as well game industry is not clean an pure, as well what #Gamersgate is which ties into this new round of attacks. follow this link put it o in the back ground as its not a visual youtube video like the ones above. It goes over whats started this last excrement weather event in the game news industry. Guy makes fun of his own voice so try not to judge the content on how its said but what it said. He also has a summery posted to one side of the video as well.

Years ago the music industry had an not the gaming news industry has #gamersgate. Safe prediction would be that this will blow up an help to fuel the sexism in video games side. Even tho it looks really bad for who they would defend. One should always remember public figures have feet of clay. Or as As I would put it we just hope thats brown stuff is clay.

Edit : found a good write up of what Gamergate is...

edit 2 um this is getting bigger an axes are bring ground... So the side who says gamergate is noting has people doxxing others as well as ddos attacks on sites that even discuss whats going on. Yeah its not looking good.

edit 3

Um list of all the people in the game version of journolist.... Some names you may know.

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