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"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)
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marshal_victory: Favorites in no real order.Have to be at least average or above to make the list.This is in no way a list of anime i have completed .Have seen way more than this .These are at least average an above.Your millage may vary.
1 day, 4 hours ago
12 was a fairly nice ending to this harem train show I think. Not sure why some ragged on this show but it has raised some doubts about some reviewers attention to what they review. Fairly harmless harem an the main character was not a punching bag so it has that going for it right off. For its gene its above average for sure an makes my list.@AgentFakku: Wonder if ...
1 day, 4 hours ago
@takashichea: Not sure if it wlll get carried over season wise. Kinda think it will. But this episode felt padded. The white back drop at times sure helped their animation budget tho.
1 day, 5 hours ago
11 of new edit was solid with new dream intro that Shōgo Makishima has. It is telling in many ways an I am sure some slash fic sites will have a field day with that. The ending may be a bit more crisp to as we know now clearly what Shinya Kōgami was reading. Swann's way which is here for free an now I may have to buy a ...
1 day, 6 hours ago
@whiskers: Hang with it till the end. It may be going places the set up does not foreshadow.@AURON570: The animation an illustration style as well as " camera " use in this really does raise the bar.
1 day, 7 hours ago
10 may well describe the undertones of what this series was really about in less than a 2 minute conversation.
1 day, 7 hours ago
@Wraith: @takashichea: 12 is that super secret origin that it looked to be. Um when you both see it reply to me got a question about one scene that seemed subtle.
1 day, 8 hours ago
@takashichea: I agree the kittens episode was fairly touching for this gene. 11 was not bad either but it really reminded me of some older Archie comics in some ways. That aside unless 12 sucks really badly I think the series holds a firm slightly better than average by ever so slightly.
1 day, 9 hours ago
@takashichea: Thats cool an good cross media platforming right there. I am sure they will do better as it goes on. Tho I thought they were more or less the same production staff other than the animation company?
1 day, 9 hours ago
Their are benchmarks in fame that one can measure. Once you have crossed that mark it becomes hard to slide back into obscurity an one of those is..... balloon animals! Or rather balloon cosplay!Shock an awe! But do note it lacks squeaky sounds as he walks. That level of detail is shocking an awe inspiring! Kinda...
1 day, 17 hours ago
@zaldar: Naw in some cases people derided it because it had to much story! As in story parts they were not interested in. To me it felt like the long heroes journey with two characters. The rest had various sub plots an even arcs that became the focus for a while. The ant arc tho long was moving on different levels. Its a different beast than normal shonen.
2 days, 7 hours ago
Err hmm to be fair since you skipped most of the ant arc how can you say " That montage really puts a point on how little plot has actually been covered over 140+ episodes" ? There was plot progression tho not at the speed at times some liked.While each arc covered its own plot at different speeds, it did none the less move along. Gon overall goes from wet ...
2 days, 14 hours ago
So here we are again attacks on video games as the Hollywood movie industry has a down turn. Now one can argue easy enuff that this was not caused by or backed by Hollywood. Tho the overall trend still holds I will digress to the current controversy.An now video games are sexist. This is a old dead horse, but beatings must be administered. Problem is facts do not back up ...
2 days, 14 hours ago
@takashichea: Ya you did it was a spring 2014 series thats carried over for summer.
3 days, 7 hours ago
@Kino88: 1st Captain Americas costume looks crappier than the movie version an thats a low bar. Thor is off to tho the Hulk looks about the same. An actually one could argue the Iron Man armor is from the 90s comic version. Rest of the make over is kids become the heroes thing.@Destinyheroknight: Normally I really do not like to make fun of shows. But this is so off target ...
3 days, 13 hours ago
@takashichea: I was seeing the name pun as Art Skill Nice! But ya now we know bout all the characters. 1st season even tho the early episodes seemed episodic they were sowing long term story bits into the over all plot. This season seems like its less that an more super secret origin type stuff with a over arcing plot with Art being the anti hero.One more episode to go ...
3 days, 14 hours ago
@YotaruVegeta: Well she said they were . That does not make it so tho. He even makes a comment about it after the battle.But I agree it was not that bad. Tho that end shot there reminded me of ..
4 days, 12 hours ago
10 was not bad more typical harem gene stuff tho.
4 days, 14 hours ago
I have a problem with 11. We just get introduced to Skill now? Art's brother. Some of this had long term story telling but this was just dropped into the story as a side note thats the main song it seems. The reason for all this was for Skill, Art's brother. Who I have no recollection of at all.It bugs me. Not sure why but it does. The rest of ...
4 days, 15 hours ago
@sickVisionz: Adults would see her as a hero but not all people ( not just age wise) are adults. An what I linked to is in school kids are now taught to be afraid of guns an people who use them. It should not be hard to see in the current school environment even some teachers would have a problem with the kid. I mean they are afraid of kids ...
5 days, 10 hours ago
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