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"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)
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8 seemed awful familiar. Fairly sure it was based off one of the OVA episodes. It was not bad , fairly light hearted.
9 hours, 42 minutes ago
@Supreme Marvel: Yeah 20 had some good moments. That was one of them.Back in the day in Everquest dirty tricks like this were common. Heck it was so bad at one point a guild leader in a family guild would be a alt for a raider to not only use the lower guild for tactics but to farm an recruit their good players. You see crap like that on timer ...
13 hours, 9 minutes ago
8 was good but it kinda backs up what I have been thinking of this series. Its strength is its weakness. The rpg flavor parts are good but not good when over done. The Nintendo like rpg chess map parts are wearing thin on me. Worst part of the series. The rest is good tho.
13 hours, 57 minutes ago
8 was good. Nice flow to the raid. Great conveying information of game mechanics. Good raids are like this. Bad raids are horrid, boring, as well as frustrating.Wonder if any mmorpg maker will try to make a game world based off of this IP. Much of the hard work is done after all.
14 hours, 31 minutes ago
9 was good tho to be fair I like ham. It was ham fisted flashback to get us to care about ol Adolf. Some cheese with the blond girl trying to pull him away. But yes the flashbacks are what its all about. Tera Flashbacks is going for the record of flashbacks in one season. Um I think they have won. Their just piling on points now for style?
1 day, 19 hours ago
The scene with her boss was more than just that. The Sybil system knows hes out to kill them not just change society. Thats why they want him dead. Because they are afraid.
1 day, 20 hours ago
8 was the kind of flash back filler that should be done. Its not quite filler but it explains gaps in time in the main story line. Very well done an this should be the standard.
1 day, 20 hours ago
Marshal Victory replied to the topic Video Game Club on the Off-Topic board.
@takashichea: We talked of steam consoles . They have a steam os now. An here is a system one could build them selves. this is a company build version. The steam consoles so to speak are held back till 2015 because they are working on the controllers.
2 days, 1 hour ago
Ehh 2nd one from the right on the second row... thats a rpg.. Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher.
2 days, 1 hour ago
@takashichea: The drones being took over reminded me of Wargames that got me thinking maybe this season is subtle about its reference themes. Last season the books were for front in the story. It could be video games as well. The hungry chicken app they played seemed to be inspired by something. Not sure which game. An as a side note the video game makers would be fools not to ...
2 days, 1 hour ago
1st thing to note its made by Nexon an they make free 2 play games. Usually not to bad on the wallet but Free 2 Play can mean you end up paying more than if you just bought the game out right or a subscription base.2nd thing it does not look bad over all. Graphics are good enuff. Game play is the key an it looks like you can mod ...
2 days, 12 hours ago
@Dream: 1st season had more anti hero muse, an book notes for style. This season to me feels like its based more from movies an builds upon the 1st season. Give it time. After 7 you might agree with me that this season is to Psycho Pass what The Laughing Man was to Ghost in the shell. Tho threw a darker mirrored reflection.Also I think we will see or know ...
2 days, 13 hours ago
@takashichea: It may pick up next episode on our " villain" background. Season 1 had a fair amount of muse from the anti hero. This season has much less. Tho it still to me feels its based more off movies , like the 1st season was off books.
2 days, 13 hours ago
9 was good. Kind of understand more of whats going on an this episode had alot of good animation an camera work.
2 days, 13 hours ago
@Supreme Marvel: hmm maybe but I was thinking...Lyrics fit the hubris he shows in that screen shot @takashichea: posted.
2 days, 14 hours ago
@takashichea: the 1st half of season 2 is building up like a roller coaster . 7 begins the rapid down hill speeding train but not a train wreck at all. All the dots come together at 7 . An its pretty epic. 7 proves in some ways season 2 is to Psycho Pass what the Laughing man was to Ghost in the shell ! Tho threw a darker mirror viewed ...
2 days, 14 hours ago
20 was kinda slow but had some good reveals. Sort of how the connection work in the mech. Possible treachery by the old guard.Also of note. Think back, not one rocket from a mech was fired in the entire series. Ground troops did use a bazooka like weapon but no guided rockets. Its almost like some one was inspired by a Civilization game where they had no flight tech tree ...
2 days, 21 hours ago
@whiskers: Was thinking of a reverse saying in a way. The hand you feed bites for you. A take off of "Bite the hand that feeds you". Then again with him maturing because of the alien heart etc it can have multiple meanings.One of the things about viewer assigned metaphors is they over ride the creators intent. Symbolism can be overly used an misunderstood. Cigars are just cigars after all. ...
2 days, 21 hours ago
5 & 6 were good. Nice build an tension. Good flow in the story telling. @whiskers: Wonder if there is some hidden meaning with the hand being took over 1st ? Something about youth maybe.@takashichea: Yeah she had a crush on him. The falling in love kind of thing almost always ends painfully. The kind that is built up lasts more often then not. He handled her attentions well an ...
3 days, 15 hours ago
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