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"Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing." — Robert E. Howard, The Tower of the Elephant (1933)
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9 was good. Nice dual dialogue part as well. Which was also a shadow of the dual dialogue in the play. Honey's father reminded me of some nasty bits of political dogma. Those who do not contribute to society have no right to live etc. Foolish an heartless in one package.Um @takashichea: After the play part I would say tey both seem to like each other equally. So I was ...
14 hours, 23 minutes ago
Marshal Victory replied to the topic The RWBY Club on the RWBY board.
@takashichea: Lie Ren is a good fighter. An some of the new guys seems to be. Jaune Arc will be eventually I think.
15 hours, 15 minutes ago
8 was average of the average :/ Even with the tricks the other "demon lord" uses to control spirits the naming convention of the spirits was silly. Hope the next 4 pick up a bit .
15 hours, 18 minutes ago
Marshal Victory replied to the topic The RWBY Club on the RWBY board.
@takashichea: Two things from episode 5. 1st Pyrrha Nikos makes a better Wonder Woman than current dc version. An number 2 um the entry for her gender is male on Anime Vice!?! Um she is a she. No Crying game there. Um 3rd friendly fire in that last part of that 1st match at the end.
1 day, 14 hours ago
Wow 9 was predictable because the foreshadowing was heavy in the episode. If they did not do the throne room dinner refresher it would not have been so obvious maybe?Still a good show none the less. Half expected the night raid leader to die in this to.
1 day, 14 hours ago
@takashichea: Um the whole kissing while some one is asleep is as creepy in real life as awkward as it is to watch in anime. Plus its a gender thing. If a guy was shown to want to do that hes a scumbag that is barely in control of himself. Where as if its a cute girl, well its all good. Double standards an all. Always thought it showed up ...
2 days, 14 hours ago
Episode 9 shows us how to kill your engine in a bad way. Also the one lord going on about culture.. its not something you can take threw war. True culture can be adopted. But that shows how royal lazy they are. Nothing would could stop them from adapting but their own attitude.
2 days, 14 hours ago
Episode 9 was the you can see your house from this cliff hanger episode. Like from a mile away. But it was not bad tho.
2 days, 15 hours ago
@takashichea: This is a solid case of yes ,no, maybe! OK so she does the legendary magic an it cost her life. But if they destroy the time portal that resets every thing but would it reset her death to? I expect buildings etc to be fixed an some having knowlege of the event but few long term problems.Its a time paradox story now. The past affects the future. So ...
2 days, 15 hours ago
21 tries to throw you that it is the old detective. It would be a big change if that turns true but I doubt it will be.
2 days, 16 hours ago
22 shows the time paradox story an why you can kill off an bring back. But with lost magic will that overw rite the rewrite for the caster?
2 days, 19 hours ago
@Destinyheroknight: Yeah their is a bit of a love letter to the X-Men in this. Even more so than most point out. But the homage nods are not rip offs for a profit. Darker than black had some homage to the X-Men as well. Her dad tho is way to tall to be Wolverine.
3 days, 14 hours ago
8 a building block to a battle looks like. Really not liking the "sister" at all here.
3 days, 14 hours ago
8 proves when the joke is not funny it can become a death flag. Or comma flag as the case may end up being. Bit predictable but still good.
3 days, 15 hours ago
@takashichea: Remember the 1st episode an how he fell an seen things. Hes more than he seems.
3 days, 15 hours ago
9 was pretty good. It reminded me of when I used to build 67-69 old Camaros back in the day. Convertables in that year was hard to find the weights on each corner of the car. Even the ones in the truck. The weight was on the 4 corners to offset the loss of the weight of the hard top. With out that added weight they would flip easy on ...
3 days, 15 hours ago
8 was epic even with the censorship. The build up for the blood letting was good an now "justice" will be administered. Hope Doll is the only one to escape.
3 days, 16 hours ago
8 had some harem aspects an best of all some Detective Conan parody music.
3 days, 17 hours ago
9 is one of those flash back to build up episodes. But a double flash back so two sub plots for the price of one even. Good stuff an again Was eating when I could watch this... its like a curse. But it had so much black censorship did not see much.
4 days, 14 hours ago
@Wraith: @takashichea: Yeah noticed that an I am sure her death is tied to that mech the main character uses to some how. His hat tip for me would be him saying it felt like his sister was with him fighting in that area. Tho could be took in other ways for sure.
4 days, 15 hours ago
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