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hello i saw this anime in youtube witch i think is removed know anyway the anime starts at a pool every1 was having a good day then this anime boy description ... light brown hair,reading glasses,funny voice, got attack by a well kids under 18 must not read this penis shape torpedo that was attacking the girls that ends up in his butt and ENDS in a pool of blood that has hes swimming trunks with a hole floating and everybody shouted it was EPIC i tell ya

Post by MarkWylde (2 posts) See mini bio Level 6


hello im knew here and i need your help i saw this anime in youtube with no account so i cant look at my history so here i am hoping some1 can help me the anime starts with a short blue haired girl entering her or a friends home she was saving a food in a small cup in the refrigerator then her bro or friend say if something was wrong and he was holding a small cup the 1 she was saving the next day happened again she put her name at the cup cover but her bro/friend still ate it then there was 2 guys in the table saying he should go apologize then the guy with the white hair go to him and say it again but he gently pushed him lol but goes down to the floor really hard then the other guy did the same and got pushed to so yeah can some1 please help me

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