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Nana to Kaoru: are you curious about S&M?

A short love comedy using S&M for lure readers, but without explicit sex and the plot is developed above the average for these genre. The popularity convinced the producers to expand it to a longer version. Let's see why. No mosaic? Up today in 32 chapters no genitalia as being showed, ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 18, 2010
1 out of 1 found this review helpful.
Übel Blatt - Killing the Hero

These manga is the journey of an anti-hero. The character is not only driven by a selfish motivation and using antihetical means, it also looks anti-heroic with a silly half-elf body. The asthetics of a childish boy with cute pointy ears, scars and the eyes of an assasin define the ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on Dec. 6, 2009
Gungrave - Very good narrative style

Gungrave is the long journey of a Shakespearean tragic hero, neither fully good nor fully bad, that discover that he is a result of his own decisions, not a victim of powerful enemies or the misfortune. He rises from humble origins to a high standing but is spiritually wounded by his ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on July 2, 2009
2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
School Days - Against the flow of anime with an Overflow game

School Days is a very grotesque anime drama, with a good romantic and comedy start, that slowly evolve in to some kind of masochistic viewing, similar to a japanese TV drama. The characters provoke both empathy and disgust, but the viewer becomes piqued by their positive side and continues viewing ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on June 4, 2009
2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
Phantom ~RFTP~ ep 7 - The Sims

Another slow episode with no action. I find amusing that the team of Bee Train dont played GTA but they played The Sims. They try hard to give a deeper feeling to the anime through the use of images and scenes, that is good to set the mood with out ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 18, 2009
Phantom 6 - GTA errands

Warning! Spoilers ahead.Bee Train go back to mediocrity. After crossing the moral "point of no return", Zwei looks being doing well, maybe thanks to Claudia's caring attentions. On the other hand, Ein keep showing intermittent signals of emotions. Stone react cool headed and plan to expose Inferno's members infiltrated in ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 10, 2009
Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Space Opera

LOGH is an anime of epic proportions, for starters, is maybe the longest OVA ever with 110 episodes. Thats because is based on a 10 volumes novel. If you want an example of what is like, think in the Lord of the Rings. The history revolves mostly around the carrer ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 6, 2009
1 out of 3 found this review helpful.
Phantom episode 5 - Gangsters War!

Warning! Spoilers ahead.These time Bee Train show real courage and made a 94.16% no game based episode and they make it good. No use of silly super power, no ridicule assassination plan and no use of fanservice. Of the first five, maybe the best episode:Tony Stone is old school Mafia, ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 3, 2009
Phantom episode 4 - Phantom Power

Warning! Spoilers ahead.Ein show the acting skills, it can play the cute girl or the bitch, Zwei play the old self, the clueless innocent boy come just natural. Where the episode start to look wild, is when Ein recklessly jump on the hood of a moving (most likely armored) car ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 3, 2009
Phantom episode 3 - Final test

Warning! Spoilers ahead.These episode feel more like an Initiation rite of passage ceremony. From acient times, the child, must to hunt down a dangerous prey in order to probe the wortiness to the elders and be accepted like an adult in to the group, if he cant, is discarded. Is ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 3, 2009
Phantom episode 2, Training & Philosophy.

Warning! Spoilers ahead.Training is super boring... in special if we dont get some technical fanservice, like talk about and practice with lot of different weapons and tactis or new secret moves/techniques. But the lack of action is replaced with relationships and the other fanservice. With short explanations, simple choices of ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 2, 2009
Is like the OVA, but with more budget.

Best moment of action.Warning! Spoilers. The first episode put a lot on action for get people hoked. The flashback of the past, work more or less well, but in my opinion it waste a lot of time and bullets in a chase for just get adrenaline running in Zwei. But ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 1, 2009
Final judgement... unchanged, average anime.

Edited from first impresion: "Phantom - Requiem for the Phantom" is the second anime adaptation of "Phantom of Inferno" a 2000's visual novel from Nitro+ the same people that made Chaos Head. In 2004 they made a 3 OVAs called "Phantom the animation". The setup is similar to other assassins ...

Reviewed by mareo2 on May 1, 2009
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