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I got bored today, so I decided to flip through one of my binders, pull out a DVD, and FINALLY review something. Of course... this IS only the beginning.

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Today is September 11th, 2011. Ten years later... and it seems as if we're forgetting once more why it is we here in America are free in the first place. There are still those out there who want to take that away in the name of tyranny/Shariah/etc. But I won't forget- as a veteran of the US Armed Forces, as an American, and as a free man. I only have one last question to ask you- where were you ten years ago that initially warm Tuesday morning in September? 
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I KNOW some of you remember this... I know this AS A FACT!!!    
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So while I was at work today (a Sam's Club in Des Plaines, IL), I had the opportunity to meet a man by the name of Andrew Cashner. I didn't fully understand who he was until one of the door greeters told me he was a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. That was only after talking to him like I would any other person in a suit- calm, collected, and semi-business like. After I found out, I just spoke to him like I was before- like any other regular Joe. Now was that very cordial of me? Not really... but I betcha he would've preferred I just spoke to him as a person rather than as a fan pining for an autograph. Now my question is this: 
If you were to meet with somebody famous, be it someone in the town you live in or somebody big from Entertainment/Politics/Etc, how would YOU react to realizing who they were? 
And yes- this is just a repost of the one I had on Giant Bomb...
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Now, when I say Tribute, usually this video/song comes to mind for some or most:   
  But this only starts to explain what I'd like to mention. When I think of a tribute, I think of something that pays an homage to something in a way so great/awesome/comedic that it just can't be ignored. One of those things that has been done within the past decade or so was a little show on Cartoon Network/Toonami called 'Megas XLR'. What is that, you ask? To me, it was one of the greatest cartoons out of this past decade. Don;t believe me? Just check out this intro for the show.   
  Now, as good as that intro is, wouldn't have been nice to have a little teaser sometime between one of your other 'toons during that period? Well...   
  I think I've exhausted all the promotional material I can for it. So what the hell is this show, to be exact? Well... it's about a guy in Jersey, circa 2005, saving the world from the Glorf, a race of aliens from the distant future (a millennium into the future, give or take a decade) that want to destroy human civilization as we know it. Their only snafu is their "Avatar" unit that was repo'd by the humans and redesignated Megas. Unfortunately, the unit got shipped to the past (our oresent), and with it the Glorf and Kiva- a human resistance fighter who went back with the unit to help save humanity from total destruction. Unfortunately... the unit got into the hands of an overweight slacker by the name of Coop and his skinny slacker friend Jamie. 
So what's notable about all of this, you ask? Well, for starters, Steve Blum's in every episode as Jamie. Not familiar-sounding enough? Okay- he's Roger from The Big O. So yeah... he's something of a big deal to otaku. But what about the likes of Michael Dorn (Lt Cmdr Worf on Star Trek: TNG) and Clancy Brown as Glorf? They're well-respected actors in their own rights for various sci-fi/fantasy works (Mr. Brown being noted more recently for his role on Spongebob Squarepants as Mr Krabs). And the occasional guest stars- with the likes of Bruce Campbell (Burn Notice, Army of Darkness, Evil Dead) and Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime in almost every stateside 'Transformers' release)- is nothing to snuff your nose at. 
But the storylines? Yep... they parody and pay homage to just about anything you can think of in there- one notable episode they fight a being labelled the Regis Mark 5, with abilities and a tendency to destroy/kill as much as its inspiration in the 1990 cult classic 'Hardware'. Let's not forget the various mech references throughout the series as well... but that'd be a whole lot to cover. 
Now if this isn't the best homage blog to an homage done, I dunno what is.
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