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There's a zen purity to Minecraft that makes it video game crack for me. Heh, "purity" and "crack" in the same sentence. How 'bout that?
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Yep, I'm pretty much an anime virgin. I've seen a few anime flicks in the past, read a couple manga, but never really got into it. Something about the tone used to turn me off. I think. Honestly, I can't put my finger on what bothered me. 
I say this because I'm now hungry for more anime and manga. First I went back to the classics--the stuff I've seen, but never really appreciated, like Vampire Hunter D and Akira. Hell, I'm even checking out friggin' Sailor Moon. That stuff is well and good, but I want to move on to less-obvious material. By this I mean simply that I want to view/read stuff that is well regarded but not necessarily popular. But I'll take popular stuff too, assuming it is of high quality. 
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to check out this Franken Fran book I found...
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