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There's a zen purity to Minecraft that makes it video game crack for me. Heh, "purity" and "crack" in the same sentence. How 'bout that?
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Poppin' My Anime Cherry
The movies and series I'm checking out off the bat.
1. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Thank God for Netflix.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist

My friend Avery still won't shut up about this series. Guess I should check it out, eh?

3. Vampire Hunter D

I saw this once many moons ago. Figured I should check it out again now that I'm on my quest to consume anime in great quantities.

4. Akira

Like Vampire Hunter D, I've seen this one already, but I feel like I should check it out again. It's been... Hell, ten years, at least.

5. Ghost in the Shell

How the hell have I not seen this already? Well, that's about to be rectified.

6. Robotech

Netflix has the entire run of this, so into my queue it goes.

7. Metropolis

Why this? I don't know. Cuz it was on Netflix? :P

8. Blood +

Into the Netflix Instant Watch queue it goes.

9. Full Metal Panic!

Hulu has part of the first season, whereas Netflix has the full deal on DVD, so...

10. Ninja Scroll


11. Soul Eater

Saw the glowing review here on Anime Vice, and then I noticed the full run is available on Hulu. Nice.

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