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Here is part 2 of the ASFF "It's all in the details" special. I've got seven more small aspects about anime schools to touch upon.

8th Classes labeled 1-A, 2-C - Fact, but actually probably the lesser used of the two main options: You totally do get the class labeling starting with their grade year (1st, 2nd or 3rd grade) and class (A, B, 1, 2 class) however, and this is such a minor thing it's probably not even worth pointing out buy you'll normally see 1-1, 2-3 more than you'll see 1-A, 2-C. Yeah super small though this is another one that's true.

9th Crazy summer homework! Ahh! - Fact: I don't know about you guys, but the most summer homework I ever got was to read two books. Japanese students on the other hand will get summer homework in all subjects and it's not just one worksheet, it's a handout of multiple things. Typically just you're basic answering questions worksheet (all be it many of them), but sometimes more then just that, like perhaps writing an English speech as a good example. So when you see an anime character panicking because school begins in 2 days and they haven't started their homework, well they have good reason to panic because they are screwed!

10th The sports field is one giant dirt ground - Fact: Unlike most American schools Japanese schools don't have the luxury of multiple sports fields or well... grass for that matter. The majority of schools, mainly JHS, will just have one large all dirt ground that is the field for baseball, softball, soccer, track and any other outside sport and also is where PE takes place. So there's an always rotating schedule for the clubs and they switch who uses the ground. HS are typically a bit better equipped and you'll see more specific, all be it smaller, practice fields.

11th Punishing students by kicking them out of class - Fiction: Perhaps back in the old days this was common place, but now a days no. It would take the most extreme of circumstances for a student to be taken out of class. And just as a side point about Japanese schools, teachers have virtually no power to discipline students, perhaps back 20 some odd years ago when the more traditional Japanese values were still lingering around and people would fall in line better the way the Japanese school system functions worked, but now a days it doesn't work quite as well and there's really nothing the teachers can do to punish students who are being bad like, perhaps, kicking them out of class.

12th The nurses room is a place students, maybe not the best students, go to rest and hang out - Fact: The nurses room typically is a bigger room with about 2 beds in it and the nurse is normally the cool, kind, friendly, caring staff member who will help students and so students who aren't so serious about studies will sometimes just go and hangout with the nurse and perhaps just take a nap by making up some excuse for not feeling well. Though the nurse typically doesn't want this to happen they will sometimes depending on the situation let it slide.

13th Elementary school kids where those bright hats and weird square shaped back packs - Fact: So while almost all elementary schools don't have uniforms most will have some brightly colored, rain hat looking, hat that can look different from school to school that the kids can wear. They don't always, don't have to and not all have them, but they are certainly a very real thing that you do see. Also those weird, square shaped back packs are real and CRAZY expensive! We are talking hundreds of dollars expensive, but for some reason they've become so ubiquitous that it's almost like the kids have to have them. Not everyone will and it's pretty much more exclusive to younger kids, but like with the hats a very real thing.

14th Student pocket ID card / mini-book thing - Fact: So those little pocket books with their ID in them are very much real. Each schools has one and inside you'll find the students information, a list of school rules, a yearly planner / calendar and perhaps 1 or 2 other things. Students are suppose to carry them around all day or at the very least always bring them to school.

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