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In the 8th installment of ASFF I'll touch upon some of the smaller details that perhaps don't stand out as much or things you might not think about. I'll do a two part blog because I've been able to think of enough things to throw out. This will be a rapid fire version. I'll hit on a bunch of different things and keep it brief.

1st Opening Ceremony - Fact: We've probably all seen an anime where on the first day of school, or before summer vacation, all of the students are dragged into the gym, made to stand in perfect lines, wearing the complete and proper uniform and then listen to speeches from the principal and perhaps a few other people and after that leave early. This is dead on the first day of school. The first day is short and the opening ceremony is just like that. A bunch of disinterested students standing in the gym in lines with their class and just listening. You will also typically get two opening ceremonies. One for the 1st grade students, where also their parents will attend, and one for the 2nd and 3rd grade students.

2nd Choosing seats by pulling numbers - Fact and Fiction: The basic idea of each spot in the classroom is a number and the students pull a lot out of a box with a number on it and sit where it is, is something that's totally done and accurate. However virtually every teacher has their own unique way or twist on it so it's almost never just pull number, sit there. I've seen playing cards, teachers choosing at random, and many different variations of just the basic pulling numbers. So while this is very true to life, normally the teachers will add their own unique spin to it.

3rd Vastly different summer and winter uniforms - Fiction: It seems that in most anime the summer and winter uniforms are so different that they look like it could be different schools, from color changes to completely different shirts and accessories. This touches upon my first ASFF where anime tends to "fancy" up the uniforms to unreal levels. While there are different uniforms, it's usually something much more simple like, not having to wear certain parts of the uniform during the summer and lighter weight pants and skirts. It's not to the level of an almost entirely new wardrobe.

4th Summer classes - Fact and Fiction: So Japanese schools will have extra summer classes for students. The thing is, they aren't really as filled as you'll see in some shows where the turnout seems to be almost 90% or more. Also these summer classes will also sometimes just be more tutor / help sessions where students will go to a classroom and do work or study for say an hour while a teacher is in the room to help and answer questions. This will be divided up by subject so you know to study math today because the math teacher will be here.

5th The big main gate and teachers locking you out if you're late! - Fact and Fiction: All schools have that big main entrance gate, as well as at least one smaller side one that the students will indeed funnel through in the morning and yes you'll have teachers standing at the gate greeting students as they enter and checking the time giving students a heads up on if they are running late and closing the gate when morning homeroom starts. But it's not like the teacher is locking the student out and they won't be able to show up for the day, I'm pretty sure that's technically illegal. You'll just have the teacher (depending on their personality and the student) joking and telling the kid to "Do their best! Hurry!" or give a little lecture to the extent of "you're late, you need to arrive sooner"

6th Cleaning the classrooms - Fact: Most people are actually probably pretty aware of this. Yup Japanese students clean the classroom and they will also clean the hallway after school. It's pretty much what you see. Probably students are lazier in real life, but hey, this is about as basic of a "what you see is what you get" as their is.

7th There's no school buses - Fact: ...There are no school buses in Japan, well preschool has buses so the kids don't have to walk to school but if you're an elementary school or JHS student you're walking to school. HS students are lucky because most HS allow students to ride a bike to school, ES and JHS students aren't allowed to ride bikes to school.

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