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Revenge is my reason for living

Some character are motivated by revenge to the point of their reason to stay alive is to obtain their revenge by any means and will go through hell to make sure of that they stay alive in order to get the revenge they so lust for and some have no problem if they have to die in order to take down the one that they want to rain down their revenge on as long as they know that their revenge will be fulfilled.

1. Guts

He want revenge on Griffith for sacrificing the band of the hawk to become on of the members of God hand and raping Casca which broke her mind.

2. Chun Woo Han

Want revenge on the Martial Arts Alliance for the death of his master. After almost giving up he heard the word of his enemy of him doing what he do for his master and there are many debts that he can't repay for his master made Chun Woo gather himself and win the battle in order to carry out his revenge.

3. Yuichiro Hyakuya

He stated it himself that revenge is his only reason for living. He want to kill every vampire to avenge the death of his adopted family.

4. Koinzell

Want revenge on the so called seven heros who betrayed and killed him along three of his friends.

5. Hordy Jones

He craves revenge against the human race for crimes against Fishmen and Merfolk and will do anything to achieve it. This anything includes sabotaging attempts by other characters to reconcile and live peacefully with the humans.

6. Shredder

The alien version of the Shredder is so obsessed with revenge against the turtles to the point of willing to destroy all reality which of course will destroy him too, but he just doesn't care as long he can get his revenge.

7. Depth Charge

He want revenge on Rampage for killing and eating the spark of his friends and will ignore any order to get his revenge. While he is motivated by revenge he claims that it's justice he seek. When he corner his prey he kills him known that he wont survive the explosion.

8. Ivan Isaacs

Seek revenge on a fallen angel and his followers. Being resurrected the only thing that sustain his body is rage, hate and desire for revenge.

9. Betheal Gavarre

Want revenge on a fallen angle that tricked him into killing his adopted son.

10. Colin MacLeod

Want revenge on Marcus Octavius, for killing his wife, to the point that he spent two thousand year chasing Marcus so he can kill him. He had his revenge in the end.

11. Kureo Mado

He is obsessed with finding and killing the One-Eyed Owl who killed his wife leaving him and his daughter devastated. Even at the time of his death he while bleeding and dying he struggled saying that he can't die yet and he must find and bury the owl himself.

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