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I am willing to die

This is a list for those who are not afraid to and are willing to die. It's either sacrificing their life for a cause or they got tired of living and accepted their death or they are just crazy and don't care if they died or they are not afraid of death or whatever reason they have they are just willing to die.

1. Shi Woon Yi

When ever he fight he is willing to die and recently he was shown that he would choose death over losing a fight.

2. Alexander Gaidar

While fight with Akisame he become like this in order to defeat hie opponent but failed.

3. Boris Ivanov

In order to fulfil his mission he is willing to die.

4. Akisame Koetsuji

In order to not let Alexander to die he became willing to die in order to save him.

5. Soul Eater Evans

In order to save Maka he is willing to die.

6. Medusa Gorgon

She is willing to die so her research are fulfilled.

7. Ichigo Kurosaki

He is willing to die to protect his family, friends and others.

8. Justin Law

After being corrupted by Asura he became willing to die in order to serve him.

9. Ogata Ishinsai

If it mean the development of Martial Arts he is willing to die.

10. Shou Kano

In order to save Miu he gave up his life so she can live by taking a bullet that was meant for her.

11. Radin Tidat Jihan

He was willing to die in order to follow the order of his master, but after being betrayed by his master he was willing to die in order not to receive pity from his enemy.

12. Ryuto Asamiya

After mending his friendship with Kenichi he was willing to throw his life in a fight against his master so his friend can live.

13. Shigure Kosaka

She was willing to die in order to save her disciple.

14. Dinobot

He was willing to "die" in order to save primitive humans and stop Megatron.

15. Diego Carlo

If it was part of his show he is willing to die.

16. Asuka Akatsuki

While fighting Takeda he was willing to die in order to take down his opponent.

17. Senna

Senna was willing to die in order to save the world because if the world is destroyed Ichigo will die and she can't let that happen.

18. Tsutomu Tanaka

According to Ogata Tanaka is hoping to die in their fight so he can be reunited with his family. In the end he got his wish.

19. Motosugu Shirahama

When he finally visited the dojo and saw how hard the training he tried to take Kenichi home by force using a new shotgun he bought. When the two fell into a trap Motosugu was willing to sacrifice his life to save his son.

20. Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière

She is willing to die to protect the kingdom.

21. Guiche de Gramont

According to him he is willing to die for fame and honour.

22. Berserker (Zero)

He felt guilty for what he did in his life and wanted to die at the hand of Saber that's why he allowed himself to be summoned to take part of the Grill War.

23. Helena

She was willing to die in the fire that started in her house as she was only a head at that time and refused help.

24. Schrödinger

In order for the plan to kill Alucard to succeed he was willing to die. However, in the end Alucard was revealed to be alive.

25. The Captain

He was willing to die in battle to have a glorious death like all his comrades. And while he was dying he was laughing.

26. The Major

For the sake of his war he is willing to die.

27. Walter C. Dornez

After betraying hellsing, his defeat at the hand of Alucard and killing the doctor he accepted his death in the fire that was consuming the lab.

28. Jang-Il Jeong

In order to protect Shi Woon he was willing to sacrifice his life and before that he saw death as something that complete the life of the Murimin.

29. Alucard

He wish to die at the hand of a man as he live for too long and whenever an enemy appear that have the potential to kill him he become happy.

30. Suzuki Hajime

Due to illness he could not keep doing Martial Arts he wished to die as Martial Artist which Hongo fulfilled.

31. Dae

He was willing to die in order to get a closer look at the being who surpassed the Abyssal Ones and after that he accepted his his death at the hand (feet actually) of Priscilla.

32. Ophelia

After finding out that she turned into an awakened being she allowed Clare to kill her.

33. Kenichi Shirahama

He was willing to jump after falling woman to save her, fight a master level yo save people with the possibility that he might die and was willing to die in order to protect Miu.

34. Irene

After giving Clare her atm she was confronted by another claymore who was ordered to find and kill her and was shown not to be afraid to die and in fact she knew that she was going to die, but didn't try to escape and was willing to die.

35. Un-Wol

In order to save his disciple he killed himself to make sure the Martial Arts Alliance will not kill Chun-Woo.

36. Suzaku Kururugi
37. Lelouch Lamperouge
38. Princess Yue

In order to save a spirit she gave up her life.

39. Scar

2003 anime version was shown that he is willing to die before he died.

40. Sir Shelby M. Penwood

In order to destroy the enemies vampires he triggered bomb while he is in the heart of the explosion without moving from his place.

41. Dinobot II

After helping the Maximals defeating Megatron, he was hurt while the Nemesis fell apart and accepted his death despite being asked to save himself.

42. Pakunoda

She was willing to die in order to let the other members of the Spider Gang to know what she knows about "the chain user"

43. The Count

Not wanting to sacrifice his daughter to stay alive he accepted his death.

44. Shinigami-sama

When his son used his full power and awakened as a true reappear it meant his death but he stated that he was not afraid to die and accepted his death

45. Crona

The anime version toke a fatal blow in the place of Maka in order to save her while knowing that if he did so he would die.

46. Ubogin

He was willing to die in order not give Kurapika any information about the members of the Spider Gang.

47. Flora

She knew that her time was coming to an end and wasn't afraid to die even when the Neo Band of the Hawk came to kill her she was not afraid.

48. Mifune

To protect Angela and other children he is willing to die.

49. Kang-Sung

He was told by his master that if he ever was to fight Chun-Woo while he is in the state of the Black Origin Threshold he must forget about saving himself and when this happened he was willing to die. However, the battle was short and none die due to Shi Woon Yi interference. When the two meet again Kang-Sung was willing to use a technique that will use all his Ki and may kill him in order to take down Chun-Woo with him, but once again this didn't happen due to Shi Woon Yi interference.

50. Brandon Heat

Seeing that he decided to protect his old friend even thought he knew that he would die for the second time.

Delphicon Jan. 10, 2014 at 4:22 p.m.

You need to pretty much add the entire cast of Gundam Wing (and possibly Gundam 00). Also you need to add Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass.

madnessreaveron Jan. 11, 2014 at 12:24 p.m.

@Delphic: Thank you for informing me.

taichokageon Feb. 4, 2014 at 9:56 a.m.
Nice list. I would recommend a few to add. Trafalgar Law (One Piece) is willing to die in order to set up Donquixote Doflamingo to be attacked by Kaido. Zoro (One Piece) is willing to die to save his Captain and friend Monkey D. Luffy. Bellemere (One Piece) willing to die to save her daughters. Kisame (Naruto) willing to die to keep the secrets of Akatsuki (actually most of Akatsuki could be on this list). Juza (Hokuto no Ken) willing to die to protect the last General of the Nanto Seiken. Ginkotsu (Inuyasha) willing to die to save Renkotsu.
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