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The Top 5 Comedy Animes Ever
Well, from my time of watching animes, these are the top 5 comedy animes in my book.
1. Azumanga Daioh

It was a close call between Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh. What put this on top was the creativity (or incredible randomness in this case) of the characters. Though the characters alone seem cliched, putting them together brings something fresh and new to the table. A truly superb (if short) anime.

2. Lucky Star

One of the all-time greats, this anime fell short of #1 by one defining factor: Character design. Though I admit that characters are funny together, too many animes have made this cardboard cutout group of misfits (The geeky and weird one, the responsible and quick-tempered one, the innocent and cute schoolgirl, and the tall, awkward, and clumsy one.) Though it's funny, the personality combinations are just too ordinary.

3. Galaxy Angel

A sadly underrated anime, Galaxy Angel takes absurdity to the max. Believe me, you must see some of the episodes to understand. The entire plot is unexplainable in this small space. The characters have refreshing twists (the cute little girl who likes to cosplay, the abusive over-the-top woman who shoots at anything, the boy crazy girl who knows MASSIVE amounts of martial arts, the quiet girl whose doll hosts the soul of a disassembled nuke [I'm not kidding!], and the clumsy sweetheart whose luck is ASTRONOMICAL.)

4. School Rumble

Funny. Just incredibly funny. This show goes in episodic form (like most of the others on this list) so there is absolutely no real plot (the creators constantly make this joke, even going so far as to say in one of their commercials, "If we could figure out what this anime's about, we would gladly tell you!") The anime takes the love triangle plot and puts creative and hilarious spins on it, even going so far as to surpass Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh in absurdity. The only problem I have with it is that for that flimsy pretext of a plot, it goes on too long. Sure, there are little subplots here and there, but for them to go two whole years dancing around like that... Just seems like they're stretching it a bit too far there.

5. Love Hina

A good anime and a classic. The entire plot pretty much revolves around Keitaro and his school life/life at Hinata Inn. Though it is truly an awe-inspiring example of near-perfection, there's only one major problem with it. The character concepts (though mostly fresh and original) are BORING (Kaolla Su is an exception. But really? A tiny little jungle girl genius with an obsession for mechanics?) Not only that, but angry girl Motoko seems like a half-assed attempt at including something for the samurai fans, and Shinobu doesn't even really belong there! Also, Mitsune, who starts out being only moderately obnoxious starts to become more and more irritating as time goes on. (Seriously, WHY IS SHE THERE?!) Though the plot is charming and entertaining (its true redeeming feature), the characters need some work.

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