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Animes I have watched in full and my thoughts on each one
I've found I've watched a fair amount of animes in my time. Some less known than others. This is a list of shows I have watched every episode for:
(Also, I might be adding to this list seeing as how I constantly am on the watch for new anime to see, so, we'll see.)
(Edit one, 8/29/2010. 12:39 PM central time - Added two new animes.)
1. Paniponi Dash

One of the most strange and hilarious animes I have ever seen! Most of the humorous references is lost to American viewers without an explanation (and even then it doesn't really work) I just can't say mean things to that face! "I'm the teacher you know!" Awwww... Also, I have yet to understand why they randomly change the theme song. First three episodes with song 1 then two with song 2 then two more with SONG 1! What is going on here?!

2. History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

It was really funny at first, but about halfway through, it started to get really serious. The only real complaint I had with the show was some of the joke's timing. For example, when the two (probably) most powerful characters are fighting in a battle for the ages, that is NOT the time to make a DBZ reference!

3. Ghost Hunt

Simply put, a very well done anime. Some of the jokes are lost with translation, some of the dubs are hysterical (and not in a good way. Imagine a catholic priest who becomes a main character, living in Japan, with an Australian accent. I'm not joking. He's not Crocodile Dundee either), and the episode plotlines are a bit more than dubious at best, but it's so well written that the characters seem believeable, flawed, human. Short, unfortunately, but good, though the ending was so abrupt I almost got whiplash.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Flawed characters you can connect to, villains that don't just pop up and say "hey, I'm evil. I'm going to do evil things, because I'm evil like that." like so many other animes have, and a gripping plot that made me cry at the end (and that is HARD to do.)

5. Wolf's Rain

I dunno. It was a good anime with interesting characters and an excellent concept, but something was missing. Something the manga had that the anime didn't. I'm not sure what it was...

6. You're Under Arrest

Ah... This show brings back memories. A cop show that combined action, hard-boiled love, and TONS of humor. Probably one of the best I've seen. The combination of characters, though cliche, seemed to click with me more than other similar pairings.

7. Lucky Star

I think it really says something about me when not only do I get 90% of the references in this anime, but I seem to be strangely attracted to Konata-chan... Zany, over-the-top humor (which puts it VERY lightly), and chock full-o-references for Otakus to stand up and say "HEY! I know what they're talking about!" By the way, I eat cream horns the way Konata does.

8. Hyper Police

Ah, yes. Slightly perverted at times (the manga was MUCH more graphic. Nudity EVERYWHERE). Zany humor, bizarre characters (nearly every character is a furry. No, I'm not kidding), and a loveably cute and naive main character add up to one hell of a time!

9. School Rumble

That's right, both Semester one and two. Really a funny series, coupled with the fact that the show had nearly no discernable plot (the love triangle plot was marginal at best) and the fact that the creators bring that up constantly, along with crazy slapstick and excellent voice casting (I think the English Dub's better than the Japanese Audio, but that's just me) this show is one hilarious gag after another.

10. Disgaea

I'm putting this here since "Maki Senki Disgaea" apparently isn't in their database. An overall enjoyable anime, with loads of references for fans of the game and lots of original plotlines that delve deeper where the game just glossed over. Also, if you watch it, expect to see nearly ALL of the custom character classes (you might have to look for them) and all the main characters from the original game.

11. Rave Master

Ah, an old classic. As opposed to a new classic. Wait... what? Anyway, this series is one groan-inducing pun after another, and the show seems to jump back and forth between frankly obnoxious humor (Punk Town? Hip Hop Town? Really, guys? Really?) to some pretty heart-pounding action. It's okay, but I could have been better. Also, Reel Big Fish did the theme song for the English Dub, so that's a big plus in my book.

12. Case Closed

Entertaining, witty, and really makes you think. This series is a masterpiece. I'm not sure if the Japanese version is still going, I only got to watch the American-released seasons. A very well done anime with, though sometimes hardly plausible solutions, real character. However, if you're not VERY familiar with Japanese culture/mythology you might get lost with some of the logic (try to figure out the episode with the wind goblin bandits. It'll make NO sense to anyone who isn't well-versed in Japanese culture, mythology, AND language. I looked up an official explanation and STILL don't get it.)

13. Wild Arms: Twilight Venom

Eh, couldn't find the original Wild Arms on here, so I put this one. It's an oldie but a goodie. Though I found it strays from the main plotline of the game, it still stays true to the steampunk (I guess)/wild west spirit.

14. Initial D

Ah, yes. I watched one episode of this show at a friend's house and was hooked (he gets the anime network, lucky bastard...). Anyway, this anime delivers incredible adrenaline and catchy songs (This anime is SATURATED with Eurobeat). Though the art style is dated, it gives a gritty realism to it.

15. Azumanga Daioh

Where randomness reigns supreme. If you love Eddie Izzard or INCREDIBLY random humor, this is the anime for you. To illustrate this point, let me give you an example. Chiyo-chan, a grade-school genius who moved up to high school owns a mansion. In Sakaki-san's dream, she has a penguin butler than drops tea and just stands there, staring at it. Chiyo then tells Sakaki, "That's our maid. She gets stuck sometimes." Yeah. That's a mild amount of weird compared to some of the OTHER things. Still, a bucket full of guffaws for those who revel in randomness (aka me.)

16. Zatch Bell

It's childish, I admit, but I was smitten with the world of Zatch Bell at a young age. The tale of a tournament with people fighting their Mamamodos (basically marionettes for outer space. I'm serious.) struck me as odd, implausible, and interesting. I stuck with it, and am satisfied.

17. Neon Genesis Evangelion

A classic and a legend. This epic tale that eventually leads to convoluted confusion and Yaoi (Shinji falls in love with a dude. Fangirls squee and rejoice!) and eventually a primordial ooze. Yeah, it was weird to me too. But I digress... the characters are unique ("Shinji, you whiny emo sonofagun. Shut up before I personally shoot you in the face!") and the plot is... ummm... original. Honestly, I got so confused at the end, I couldn't tell which way was up. Though there are some bizarre plot twists (Shinji's fallen in love with a clone of his mother... Huh... Oedipus, anyone?) I'm still having trouble deciphering what that whole anime was even really about.

18. Ghost in the Shell

One of the greats. Caught it on Adult Swim and kept watching every night. A true model of a futuristic, living, dystopian world mixed with incredible character design and startlingly close to home miniplots (a girl in a strip club because she needs money, a criminal who is robbing and killing people to feed his kids, a man so desperate for love that he kidnaps his girlfriend after she threatens to leave him) that almost seem like representations of things we see in everyday newscasts. Plus, the soundtrack is gorgeous. Origa was the perfect choice of artist for the theme song.

19. Elfen Lied

Oh god. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Yet sad, really. The tale of a poor girl researched for her powers of telekinesis escaping and finding love in the boy who shelters her is cute. The girl becoming a psychopathic killer who keeps a head collection in a basket, not so cute. Really. This is probably one of the most graphic animes I have ever seen (second to Berserker). The main PK girl escapes from the research facility stark-freaking-naked while using telekinesis to dismember and decapitate the guards who try to stop her. Yeah, good anime, but freaking disturbing.

20. Black Jack

Another classic. The art style is awkward at times (sometimes so detailed that it becomes ugly) and the plots would make any real doctor scoff, but the character connections and the personalities really come through for the show. I almost cried when the boy sang to the tree that watched him grow up and collapsed, nearly dead.

21. Death Note

Weird, weird, weird, weird, weird. That's really all I can say about this show. Though the plot is solid, the characters are INCREDIBLY emo and the plot ends with almost everybody dying. Lovely. Breathtaking (and sometimes baffling) storytelling and a truly unique plot add this to one of the all-time greats!

22. Sailor Moon

Now I know what you're thinking "What the- SAILOR MOON?! Is this guy gay or something?" But this was one of the first "Real animes" to release to mainstream American television and to catch widespread attention. This is the anime that got me hooked on anime. End of story.

23. Hellsing

Yes, who doesn't know or know of this anime? Hellsing has become a common name in Otaku circles for cunning plot developments, characters that seem almost real, and an incredibly creepy atmosphere that only adds to the otaku meter in my book!

24. Saber Marionette J

This show got so much flak for some reason. The manga was much more revealing (full or near-nudity on every other page) but the forbidden love and the warring nations add to the amazing plot. The humor adds a heartwarming touch to the series, showing its softer side. Oh, and also, BOOBIES! Need I say more?

25. Slayers

~Nya... I miss this anime so... A very old anime (back when cel shading was the only way to animate) but with an immense amount of charm, the story of a treasure hunting sorceress who can eat anything (and I mean ANYTHING) and her companions is a spunky and tongue-in-cheek adventure. The lovable characters and the humorous bickering add LOTS to this series.

26. Love Hina

I can't believe I forgot to add this before! A lovable protagonist, slapstick humor, and plenty of heart, this anime really deserves even more praise than it is given. Thought to have brought the Harem anime genre to mainstream American audiencs, this anime isn't just all fun and games. It has heartwarming sweetness and a relatable cast of frankly bizarre achetypes.

27. Galaxy Angel

A truly random and hilarious anime, this crazy kawaii-fest spawned four seasons and a few video games as well. An anime that brings the quirky girl gang to new heights of absurdity. The laughably insane characters all have their humorous personalities and flaws. For instance Milfeulle Sakuraba is a pink-haired bimbo (think Orihime-level intelligence and naivete) who has incredible luck. For example, when Milfeulle is playing roulette to save her friends from a corrupt casino owner, she lands on red when she bets black. All of a sudden, a meteor heads straight towards to casino destroying it (but leaving herself and the roulette table complete intact) and the shock bumps the ball over to black. Her first words? "Yay! I won!" Yeah, that's just ONE example of its insanity. Maybe that's why I love it.

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